Well my HeadBangers 2 more days and another week gone.  Here’s 3 bands that hopefully will help you make it through…..


This band is from Finland, my favorite place for melodic death metal, once you have been there you will never forget it.  It’s gigs all the time and home to the Tuska Festival.  If you ever have a chance to go there for a festival do not hesitate, seriously.

“Frozen In Time”

Stratovarius was born in 1985, in Finland, they are a Power Metal Band.  This song was just released September 16, 2022.


“Ashes Turn To Rain”

Borealis is a Canadian Power/Progressive Metal Band from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  Listen to that guitar, yeah they got me.  This band was started in 2005.  Don’t be surprised if you see them as a feature some Friday.

“Orden Ogan”

“In The Dawn Of the AI”

Well what would Hump Day be with out one of my German Bands, you gotta love them seriously.  Orden Ogan is a  German Power Metal Band with Progressive and Folk Metal mixed in, they became a band in 1996.

“My Thoughts”

Well my HeadBangers these 3 bands make me wish it was Friday night.  Oh and sorry about the ads on the videos.  I hate that, I may have to do something about it.  Have a safe rest of the week and join me back here Friday for a new band and a new song.  Love my HeadBangers….


Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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