Well my HeadBangers here we go another week down the drain.  I can’t believe it’s November already, not to much longer and Christmas will be upon us.  I don’t feel like a Christmas this year as I sit and watch the shit going on in this country.  So me and the Snake will spend it with our music, as the wheels turn in my mind.   Now let’s get to the 3 bands to help us get through the rest of the week…


“The Vengeful One”

Everyone know Disturbed is my go to almost everyday, this is what I listen to on my way to work everyday.  I love how I can always find a song that fits exactly how I feel and what’s happening in the world right now.  Thanks Dave and the rest of the band.  I never tire of listening to them.


“The Extirpation Agenda”

This DeathMetal/Grindcore band is from Belgium, and sorry for the commercial but the band name says it all.  Love them…



Well well my HeadBangers look what I found a Groovy heavy metal band from the southeast of Sweden.  I’ve been having a lot of luck with Swedish bands.  And they are all GOOD!!!!!!!

Hope this helps with the next couple days.  Be here Friday for the weekly band, I’ll be here…..

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