HELLO MY HEADBANGERS, another week almost gone and only 6 weeks till Christmas, damn time flies doesn’t it.  Well here are 3 bands I’ve picked for this week, I hope they get your blood running and help you make it these next couple of days.


“Ancestral Whispers”

I love Sakis and whenever I hear him you know I’m going to post it.  That’s just how this woman works.  Besides this just came out about 2 weeks ago.  Listen to that rhythm and those vocals, be still my heart.


“Upon Frozen Shores”

Formed in 2019, these guys are from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  They have blown me away with their music, I still can’t believe they are right across the state line from me.  This just out 3 weeks ago.


“Lovely Bones”

This one really threw me, they are from Finland, I wouldn’t have guessed it.  I was thinking Norway, boy I was wrong but, Finland is close to Norway.   I love how she does her face, it’s perfect.  These guys have to be on the Blog soon.

Well my HeadBangers there you go, I hope your week goes quickly.  Meet me back here Friday for the weekly band.  


Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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