My HeadBangers we are getting closer to Christmas with every week that goes by.  I have picked 3 bands this week 2 I’ve seen live in Finland and 1 that I wish I had lol.  So get ready, I hope these help get you through what’s left of this week.


“Fekete Mezók”

This is a live performance in 2021, this is the band I have not seen but wish I had.

Thy Catafalque” is an avant-garde metal band formed in Makó, Hungary, later based in Edinburgh, Scotland, after the relocation of its founder.


“On The Dark Waters”

What can I say about Amorphis that I have not said before.  I saw them live at Tuska 2019.  They are one of the best bands on this planet, to me at least and millions of other HeadBangers.  Tomi Joutsen, who has been their lead vocalist since 2005, is one of the best growl and clean vocalist I’ve heard.  He can slide back and forth between the two without missing a beat.  He also is one of the best frontmen in Metal.  So there is my opinion on that subject. LOL.



This is my number 2.  I also saw them live at Tuska 2019.  They get a hell of a mosh pit going on too, which I avoided as much as possible.  I love these guys and their hair moshing kills me.  But listen to the energy in their music, even now I can see them as if it were yesterday.  Some bands just stay with you for life don’t they.

Well there you go my picks for this week.  Only 2 more days, you can make it.  Think of a gig you went to and of your favorite bands, you will slide through the rest of the week, I promise.  See you Friday for the Band of the Week.  Have a good one…..


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