My HeadBangers please welcome from Gelderland, Netherlands the Folk/Viking/Pagan Heavy Metal Band:


“Klauwen Vooruit”


Let’s take a look at some bio on these guys taken from their site:

Few could have envisioned the bright future that the Norns had in store for HEIDEVOLK back in 2002.  Since its inception in Arnhem (the Netherlands), HEIDEVOLK came, saw, and conquered stages throughout Europe with their very own brand of folk metal. 

Instantly recognizable dual clean male vocals and irresistibly catchy songs have ignited the pagan fire in the souls of many on the continent.  They deliver their songs on divine matters and profane pleasures with equal integrity, fueled by a folkloric fire and pagan pride. 

With a repertoire ranging from epic to raging, captivating live shows and an undying desire to perform, HEIDEVOLK has become a familiar face in Europe and in North and South America.

HEIDEVOLK stands for an uncompromising attitude, intense shows, and the transcendence of barriers between performer and audience… even if you don’t speak the language!

“A Wolf In My Heart”

This is one of their songs that is in English.  Their music just goes right through me.  These guys have a strong hitting sound.  Let’s meet the band:


From left to right HeadBangers:

Rowan Roodbaert – Bass guitars / Backing vocals

Kevin Houtsplijter – Drums

Daniël den Dorstighe – Vocals

Jacco Bühnebeest – Vocals

Mat Snaerenslijper – Guitars and Backing Vocals

Koen Vuurdichter – Guitars and Backing Vocals

My Thoughts:

First off my HeadBangers know I do not translate songs from any country.  I feel that when you do that it takes away from the sound.  If the band does it in English that’s great, but that’s up to them.  Above there is one in English.  I think when you listen to music, whatever the language maybe it really doesn’t matter.  I can listen to a whole CD in any  language and I feel it.  At times it’s even better because you can close your eyes and let it take you to another place and time.   This Band is one the the most hard hitting folk, pagan bands I’ve heard, and I love folk metal.  The vocals are loud and strong like the music, it’s upbeat and fast, I just love it.  Every once in awhile you find a band that grabs you and that’s what’s happen to me.  I’m so glad I found them check them out, they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I know you are going love them, they are badass.

That’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn….




Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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