My HeadBangers please welcome the Power Metal Band – Krilloan – from Almhult, Sweden.

“Times Forgotten”

“Emperor Rising”

This is a new band so I couldn’t find to much bio on them but here’s what I found:

Mounting the steed of metal in 2020, Krilloan started out on the quest to pay tribute to the legends of old. The music is forged in the dark forest of southern Sweden and combines classic melodic heavymetal/powermetal with fantasy themed lyrics. Debut EP, “Stories Of Times Forgotten” was released in May 2021.

And there is no way in hell I can pass up a band that sings of olden times and has a love of DRAGONS.  

“Sons of the Lion”

Let’s meet the band:

Klas Holmgren – Guitars

Steve Brockmann – Lead Guitars

Alex VanTrue – Vocals

Marco Toba – Bass

David Lanas – Drums

My Thoughts:

All my HeadBangers know one thing about me, and this is driving me crazy, what does this Band name mean?  They are a pretty new band, and I’m hoping I can get more bio on them in the future.  If I do I will update this post.  However, I can say I love their music, that power metal and the olden times they sings about just really works for me.  I love it, not to mention the Dragons everywhere. Check them out they are on all social media.  If you love to go back in time but still want that rush this is the band for you…

That’s all I have for this week, I wish it was more, but like I said I will update if I find anything out.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



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    1. Holy Shit you got me with that one. I’m putting them on HumpDay and I will mention it is thanks to you. That’s my kind of band….

      1. I know it does. So many great bands, I have one coming up on the 27th with a new release, Methane Metal, Im proud to be a sponsor of their’s. A great bunch of guys.

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