My HeadBangers, here we are in the middle of the week again.  Here’s 3 that hopefully will help you make it through the rest of this week..


“Meet Your Maker”

I love these guys and since I have their patch on my jacket they are always welcome here.  Of course they are from Gothenburg, Sweden.  What is it with Gothenburg that has a grip on me?  Well we all go through phases don’t we lmao.


“Codex Gigas”

Oh shit another band from, yeah you guessed it Upplands Väsby, Sweden.  My mind is just a lil stuck so how about a great song I have been listening to from one of my favorite American Bands, any guesses???


“Bad Man”

I have loved this band longer than I can remember,  Dave is my man, well ok one of them, and also I wear their patch proudly on my jacket.   I have their band sticker on the back of my beast and one of the guys at work came up to me and said you have Disturbed on the back of your beast??  I said yeah it’s a band, oh he laughed, I thought you meant you were disturbed, I said yeah I am that too.

There’s my beast, I love him, and he will be with me till the end.

There you have your 3 for Hump Day, hope they get that blood running.  Don’t forget Friday is Methane Metal Day on the blog.  Be here…

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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