My HeadBangers this week I want to send all our metal support out to Turkey, who is struggling right now.  We all do what we can and in the MetalHead way we will do ours.  The following are 3 bands from Turkey so let’s take it from there…


“Death to Traitors”

My HeadBangers this is some deep dark black metal.  I don’t need the words to tell me what I hear.  I love the vocals.  Check them out, facebook, bandcamp the list goes on…


“Boslugun les ruhlari”

All I can say is this women can pour out the vocals.  Again some deep dark black metal.


“The Owl”

This is a progressive power metal band, I like them.  I’d like to hear more from these guys.

There you have it my HeadBangers, 3 bands from Turkey that I have never heard before.  It’s like I always say there are bands out there I have yet to find, but I am always looking.  As for all our MetalHeads in Turkey, keep going, be strong, you are in our thoughts.  Metal is and always will be family…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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