First I want to thank my Mayan Familia/Metal Head Sis, Megan Marie Porter, for letting me use some of her great pics like the one today.  She is extremely talented and has the “eye”  check her out everywhere on social media HeadBangers.  OK now here we go with this weeks 3 bands.


“Zero Containment”

This song was just released last week.  The Death/Thrash Band was formed in 2017 and home is between the US/Netherlands.  I really like their sound.


“Dragged through the Inferno”

WTAFFFFF  LISTEN to that voice.  OMFG I am in a state right now.  I cannot believe I have now just run across these guys.  Hey this guy actually made Snake the metal cat get up and coming screaming to me and he has never done that.  Look for this band to be on the weekly soon.  USA.


“The Ritual”

Here we have some Italian Black Metal.  Love it.  Tryglav is a one-man project of Boris Behara. For concerts, Behara uses four anonymous “plague doctors” as live band members. Even though Behara is originally from Croatia, the band was founded in Arezzo, Italy.  This my HeadBangers is talent…

That’s it for this Hump Day, join me Friday for the weekly band, getting back to where it all started…..

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