My HeadBangers please welcome the Finnish melodic death metal from the far north of Finland:


“Land of the Dead”

“Through the Mammoth Valley”

These guys are no strangers to snow and cold.  I love that they perform in the elements.  There’s not a lot out there on them, but I did manage to find something.  Let’s take a look.

 They are a melodic death metal band with  influences from melodic black and power metal. It was originally formed in 2005 as Ville Rautio’s solo project. Soon after Pasi Portaankorva joined in and together they created the basis for the band. Suotana’s  line-up was completed during 2012-2013 with Harri Portimo, Jari Körkkö, Juhani Merkkiniemi and Rauli Juopperi.

They released their first demo “Forgotten Soil Of This Land” in February of 2014 and their first full-length album Frostrealm a year later in November 2015. Both were welcomed in the scene by listeners and critics alike.

The band had a few line-up changes after Frostrealm when Tommi Neitola joined as a new keyboard player and Tuomo Marttinen took over the vocal duty. This worked out brilliantly, as Tommi’s classical background and insight coupled with Tuomo’s powerful voice added more depth to the band’s musical expression. With a clear vision and new determination the band started working on a new album.

The upcoming album’s musical themes and artwork are intertwined.  Beautiful wintry landscapes, different aspects of nature and hints of looming loneliness color the entire work. These themes continue and deepen further in a music video that was filmed in the cold north with a professional crew.

“Into The Ice”

Let’s meet these men from the frozen north:

Tuomo Marttinen – Vocals

Rauli Juopperi – Drums

Harri Portimo – Bass

Tommi Neitola – Keyboards

Pasi Portaankorva – Guitars

Ville Rautio – Guitars

No photo description available.

Now this is the perfect place for some Smores.   I love this picture, I can only imagine how cold it is up there.

No photo description available.

After living so long in the cold it really doesn’t bother you.  Head for the sauna guys.

My Thoughts:

All I can say is DAMN.  I wish I had more time to find out more about this band.  There isn’t much out there, and I didn’t have time to contact them directly, which is something I am working on getting better at.  Working always gets in the way.  I really love this band and yes it’s because their videos are absolutely fantastic, and they dress the part.  Not to mention that they are in the snow with all their gear singing, you have to appreciate that HeadBangers.  These are some tough guys.  As always I will try to find out more on them an update.

That’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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