My HeadBangers – Friday

There will not be a band this Friday. I always say “All are welcome here”, but this band, who will remain nameless just did not take themselves or our music seriously. I cannot and will not bring any band to you that as I felt takes our music as though it really isn’t worth their time. There are so many bands out there that work so hard on their music that I could not put a band up that I felt took it as a joke. I hope you all understand that this blog is my life and my bands mean everything to me and my HeadBangers. I will be back next Friday with a band that believes and puts the work into their music. Until then love you all



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      1. It wasn’t total shit lol, but I’ve never had a band that was that much of a shit. I am keeping their Q&A just to make me laugh when I need to. It was more about their attitude and waste of my time. But it does happen, can’t do much about it lol

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