My HeadBangers as promised I have an interview with all the guys from Arched Fire.  Their new album “Trust Betrayal” released on April 7th and I have listened to every song on it.  If  you love Thrash with some Speed mixed in you are going to love this one.  Here’s one to start you off…

“Artificial Sun”

This is one of my favorites, but there are plenty to choose from, listen to them and you will find yours.

Now on with our interview.  As always mine in blue and theirs in black.

I sincerely want to thank the guys for taking time to do this interview.  I know they are busy and I really appreciate it.

I never got around to asking how you came up with the name Arched Fire, and what it means to you?

Mika:   When I joined the band we became a trio. I think it was Ari who said “we need a name”, so we agreed to do some thinking to come up with a name by the next rehearsal session.  So there I was at home with an English dictionary, thinking that “fire” is a good word to start with. Then I just found the word ”arched”, and I thought Arched Fire is good enough and that the guys will come up with better names. Well, the next time we met, I was surprised to hear Arched Fire was the only name we had. The name always reminds me to do my best, because otherwise good enough can be very permanent. Then again, it’s so unique that no-one used it although we were away for 30 years. 

Ari:   It’s the best name ever! When Mika came up with it in 1989, it just looked cool to us. We didn’t really think about the meaning. Now it seems like it means a lot of things. Someone asked if it means the Northern Lights. We never thought it did, but it’s not a far fetch. We used to see the Northern Lights sometimes up where we’re from, and that’s what they are, arched fires across the night sky.  This is a total coincidence, but I happened to read about translating old religious scriptures. One of the example verses was translated in English in twenty different ways by twenty translators. One of the interpretations was “Above them shall be arched fire”. I don’t know what it means, and none of us is religious, but it sounds ominous. It’s also a warfare term. Arched Fire is like weapon fire where you shoot grenades or arrows or whatever so that they fall on the enemy straight from above.  So, there are a lot of meanings that we had no clue about when we named the band!  

I have a thing for knowing why Bands pic the names they do and I love that there is so much you can connect to your name.

With the release of Trust Betrayal, of which is so badass, you are riding high right now. (I love my Thrash Metal, but you guys add something extra to it and it works so well, you really got it.)

Ari:   I agree, it is cool to have a record out. And it’s a pretty badass record too, judging by people’s comments.  What I personally like about Trust Betrayal is that our spectrum is getting broader. There are songs like “Pestilence” that are mean and in your face, but also progressive, atmospheric stuff like “Artificial Sun”. Or “Fear” which is very much speed/thrash, and “Wings of Chrome”, our “hats off to NWOBHM” song. 

Do you have any plans for touring? 

Ari:   We could play some selected shows here and there, but there are no plans for actual touring. 

I’ve read all your history, and have most of it on the blog, Week 128. My question is what made you all come back together after being apart for so long? 

Mika:   We can thank Guns´n Roses for that. On November 1st 2019, I heard an old GnR song on the radio. The Appetite for Destruction album always reminds me of Ari, because i heard it at Ari’s place for the first time. I texted him right away and told him about it. Then we started to talk about the old times and Arched Fire, our first band. We both had good vibes and feelings about it… maybe it was time to get together again… We asked Assu and Janne if they were motivated and interested in bringing the band back from the grave.

Ari:   A few years before that, Janne and I had recorded some new demos of our old songs. But because we didn’t have a singer, nothing came of it. But this time around, Mika told about this friend of his, Kristian Herkman.

I agree that you choose the right vocalist in Kristian. I have heard and seen so many over the years, and I LOVE my vocals, and he has them together,  you all mix so well, seriously.

Ari:   He’s the best thing that ever happened to this band. He’s an amazing singer, an instantly recognizable vocalist, who not only comes up with fantastic melodies but also delivers them with different singing styles to choose from. A great guy who writes a lot of songs and intelligent lyrics and even knows how the recording gadgets work. Can’t praise him enough.

What lies in the future for Arched Fire?

Kristian:   We already have a lot of songs to work on for the next album that will again take us to the next level. Some live gigs are also on the maybe-to-do list. We are also planning to release more merchandise. I have been thinking about Arched Fire tea and a tea mug. On the tea bag label would be some of our lyrics as an aphorism. It might have to be a spicy tea. 

It definitely would be a spicy tea lol.  I would love to try it.

Again I want to thank you guys for taking time to do this.  As I said they were on Week 128, and I’m going to move it so that it will appear right next to this interview.  I love that there is so much history and that everyone found their way back to each other to continue with this great music.  Who would think that this Thrash/Speed sound would come from Lapland, Finland.  The cold north, but  Finland is the center of the universe for Metal Music, and that’s no secret.  I cannot wait to see what comes next for these guys.  I wish nothing but the best for them.  I would love to see them live and hopefully some touring may come their way, or I’ll just have to get a group together and go to Lapland to hear them.  Oh and we can enjoy a cup or 3 of that Spicy Tea.

That’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next SATURDAY for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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