Hump-Day – We’re Almost There…

My HeadBangers, here we go the first week of May already, almost half way through 2023.  They aren’t kidding when people say time flies.  Where does the time go, unfortunately mainly to working to pay the bills right with a little left over for blogging and watching “House of Dragons” and “The Last Kingdom” I just love those shows and the books let’s not forget to read the written word as I am reminded that here in my homeland kids in school are not reading enough.  Books and Music, this chick would be lost without them.  Also screw Twitter I’m going back to HUMP DAY they can just deal with it or not… Anyway here we go…..



No I DID NOT PLAN THIS LMAO.  Groovy heavy metal from the southeast of Sweden.  Told you it just calls to me.  Listen to that voice and those instruments.  OMFG I’m in heaven or should I be saying hell????



Do these guys tear it up of what holy shit….  British extreme metal band from Reading, Berkshire, England.


“Signs of the Swarm”

Hell yes and another Hell YES..  Signs of the Swarm is an American deathcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania formed in 2014.  Finally, listen to those VOCALS omfg.  I’m hooked…..

That’s it till Saturday my HeadBangers, if these don’t get you through the week I am at a loss for word.  I’m ready for the weekend now.  Oh as a side note Snake the metal cat was outside on the patio while I’m doing this blog and he came running in all crazy looking as cats do, so I do to the sliding door and someone was blasting some rap, no Snake no like we only listen to metal in this home.  Love you all, have a great rest of the week, and see you slamming on Saturday.

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