My HeadBangers, here we go with the interview with Black Rabbit.  As always mine in blue and they are in black.  Since I already posted their blog Saturday, I’m keeping this separate.  Read away my MetalHeads…..

I know you started the band in 2014, what made you want to start a band in this genre?

Jelle: Hidde and I were playing together for sometime and I always thought it would be cool to play in a band. First we played songs of Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica etc. after a while we started writing our own riffs. So we thought of the idea of being in a band and how cool it would be to actually play your own music in front of an audience. When we found a bassist and drummer we started playing our music and the first songs were getting in shape.

I always ask this question: How did you come up with the name Black Rabbit, and what does it mean to you?

Jelle: Hidde and I (Jelle) were watching a football match of the Netherlands, it was a match at the world cup in 2014. I think it was the match against Costa Rica. We had a good time, drank some beer and were joking about band names that could rhyme with animals or food. And we came up with Black Rabbit rhyming with, obviously Black Sabbath, haha. After that we kept the name in our instagram posts as a hashtag, first as a joke but later on I thought it could be a really cool name for a metal band which we later started and turned into our own concept. It means a lot to me to see how Black Rabbit turns out to be. Look at our artworks, it is a monster you won’t be messing around with!

I read that your order of your album translates to patterns and activity of the human brain during sleep. That’s where the Black Rabbit lures his victims to sleep by reading to them in order to condemn them to Hell (short version). Can you tell me more about this? How did you come up with this idea?

Nino: We wanted Black Rabbit to be a persona for our band. He is not necessarily a human, but more like a devil if you will. He can take on many different forms, good or bad. In this story, we came up with the idea of hallucination and the way your brain reacts during the sleeping process because we thought it would be very cool to make this into a (non) fiction theme for our album. Black Rabbit chose this person as his ‘victim’ because of all his wrong doings in life. He felt that this person didn’t deserve to be walking freely on earth, so he decided to put him into a coma state and make him relive all the horrible things he has done to others. In this way punishing the victim through self realization. And ultimately he condemns the victim to hell.

How did you all get together to start the band?  Did you all know each other before starting the band?

Jelle: Hidde and I were in the same class in high school the moment we found out we listened to the same kind of music we started hanging out.

Nino: I joined the band in 2020. I didn’t know anyone before, i just found a ad on Facebook saying that they were looking for a vocalist!

Max: I joined Black Rabbit in April 2019. I moved to Apeldoorn and a friend told me that he saw a facebook post where they announced that their drummer had left. I thought, maybe they don’t have a drummer yet so I sent them a message. After a few messages we planned an audition and I never left since.

Do you have any long range plans for the band? Do you plan on doing any touring outside of the Netherlands?

Nino:  We all would love to play outside the Netherlands for sure! It is hard to find foreign gigs though. A Lot of them require you to pay a lot of money and cover pretty much all costs needed for touring and that makes it difficult.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

Jelle: Thanks for all the amazing support! We love your reactions to our album, we hope to see you on the road someday!

Nino: Make sure to listen to the album from start to finish! It’s a long journey and if you listen to it with the lyrics combined, you really get an idea of what Black Rabbit is.

Max: Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music!

There you go my HeadBangers.  I love it that these guys took the time to do this for us.  Now I have like 10 more questions lol.  Check them out, the music is really kick ass, I love it.  But who doesn’t love evil rabbit Thrash/Death Metal from the Netherlands???  Stay tuned and I’ll update you with anything new these guys have coming our way. 

A big THANK  YOU to them for getting this to me, I know they are busy, I really appreciate it.   Now I know about  WE TRANSFER guys lmao, never used it before.  Thanks again, looking forward to more music…..


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    1. Thank you so much. I don’t do live shows. I find it easier for the bands I interview to do it this way. I have found when they write answers they take more time. Live shows have a lot of distractions. When they write they take more time and really think about the questions.

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