My HeadBangers I am so stoked to bring you this band.  This is what I found when I search for something that grabs me.  This band was also on Hump Day and I couldn’t just stop there.  So please welcome from Helsinki, Finland:



“Closure Will Prevail”

I was so stoked to get an interview with Riku, who plays the guitar.  I just had the feeling to message them and he said sure we would be happy to.  I was so glad, some bands don’t have the time and I understand that.  But when they say yes it makes all this work so worth it.  Ok on with the show, mine in blue, Riku in black as always.

The band started in 2020, this is right around the time COVID hit.  Did that have anything to do with starting the band?

COVID pandemic did not have that much to do with the  starting of the band but of course we had a bit more free time in our hands than usually so we got a lot of writing done during the pandemic.

Did you guys know each other before you started the band?  What brought you all together?

We all knew each other from years back but Riku and Janne had talked about forming a band for a while. Then one day after a ski trip Janne asked Lauri  If he would be interested in producing a couple of songs that he had been demoing on his phone for Janne´s and Riku´s new project. Long story short that production session led to Closure Will Prevail  which ended up being the first Release for Let It All Burn. Janne then played the  result of the session to Heigo who immediately joined the group. The guys continued to produce material with Lauri who did the demo vocal tracks for all songs so after a while  Lauri naturally became the lead vocalist for the band. We have been busy writing since then and there is a lot of cool stuff on the pipeline.

What does the name LET IT ALL BURN mean to you guys, and how did you come up with it?

For us LET IT ALL BURN means breaking mental chains. We want to make art without any rules, asking someone’s permission or having to follow trending opinions. We do not consider ourselves a political band, but have to admit that  there is a touch of anarchy boiling inside all of us.  I just love that!

I have the list of the band members, do you not have a permanent drummer? I don’t want to post a pic if something has changed.

We currently don’t have a drummer as a band member but our dear friend Jacke has been playing all the drum tracks on the songs. He’s also performing on our music videos and has been doing an awesome job so maybe we can propose him someday to join our ranks. We’ll see.

What made the band choose the Darkwave genre?

To be honest we did not choose any genre so to speak. We are making music on our terms and it just happens to sound kinda dark and movie-like and there are a lot of electronic elements. Maybe DarkWave Modern Metal describes it but really we are not that genre orientated in that sense as one could pin us down.

I really love that a band can go outside a genre into another or even combine them.  It’s a great sound and I know a lot of HeadBangers are going to love it.  What is your process in creating your songs? Do all of you have input or is it one of you more than others?

We all have something to contribute to songs. We do everything together from demo to final production. Our singer Lauri also does the producing.

I know you started in Helsinki; I love Helsinki, it’s a great place for gigs. Have you all done any touring, do you plan or doing any touring?

We have all toured in the past with different bands but with Let It All Burn we are currently  putting all our effort  in creating the best music we possibly can and the touring will come when it is time.  We will be releasing songs one by one and hope that people like the stuff we put out  and hopefully it all will lead to touring in the future:)

Seriously, there are going to be so many people that love your music, you will be touring probably sooner than you think!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

We all want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us. Also to everyone who has listened to our songs, watched our videos, and liked or shared our content.  It’s the small things and comments which keep us pushing forward on the quest of letting the world know about LIAB.  We truly feel that we have something to say and stories to tell in a personal and distinctive way and we are grateful there are people who listen!   Have a great summer everybody and stay tuned for new stuff?

Lauri, Janne, Riku and Heigo

Ok my HeadBangers let’s meet the band:

Lauri Hämäläinen – Lead Vocals, Programming

Janne Salo – Guitar

Riku Vuoria – Guitar

Heigo Anto – Bass, Programming

My Thoughts:

Ok first off I have to say, and this is just from a woman’s perspective, do these guys have swag going on or not?  I love  that confident look they have that says take it or get out of the way.  The sound they produce, their videos just really grabbed me.  As I always say, I look at so many bands for the blog and every time I’m looking there will always be that one that I keep going back to and so it was with “Let It All Burn”.    That an the fact that my blog is about fire, fire that is in the music, and that pic of Lauri holding the flame, that was a no brainer for me.  I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they will be touring, I hope they get to the US sometime.   And with all that said check them out on FB and Instagram.  Follow them and whenever they have something new coming up I will blast it on the blog.  Seriously this band is badass, check them out.

My HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next Wednesday for Hump Day and next Saturday for the weekly band.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if  you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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