My HeadBangers, sorry I’m late with today’s blog.  We had really bad storms last nite, trees down on cars, luckily not mine.  But here I am and here we go with the Black Metal Duo from St. Louis, Missouri USA, (and this one is just one state over from me):


“Sacred Rites & Black Magick”

I swear when I first listened to this song I thought they were from Sweden.  I don’t do any background on the bands I put on the blog till I listen to them first.  This one totally fooled me really.  I’m so glad this band is representing the midwest!

“Reign Of The Winged Duke”

Here’s some background  I found, there’s not to much out there but here we go:

This St. Louis, Missouri black metal band is made up of 2 people.   They are Jesse Schobel – Drums and Jason Asberry – Vocals & Guitars, Bass.   The band was created in 2019 and went by the name of  “Warpath”, in March of 2020 they officially became “Stormruler”.  They are signed with Napalm Records.  They have toured everywhere and this summer are touring the US with “Swallow The Sun” and “Batushka.”     They get great reviews, I just wish there were more of a bio on them somewhere out there, if there is I can’t find it, and trust me, I look everywhere.  I did find one interesting piece of info from an interview, Stromruler is the sword that kills Yhorm The Giant in the game Dark Souls 3, and that’s where some of their inspiration comes from.  “We wanted to go a different direction from the whole Satanic black metal thing,” Asberry said. “Don’t get me wrong we love that stuff but it’s just been overdone. We’re not here in the city of St. Louis trying to burn down churches.” I wish I could have gotten ahold of them but touring puts a hold on that.  

No photo description available.

Here they are, on the left:

    Jason Asberry – Vocals & Guitars, Bass

Jesse Schobel – Drums

My Thoughts:

That’s all I have on these guys.  I really thought there would be more out there on them.  They are representing the US for christ sakes.  It is not often that I run across a band that sounds like this and there is NO BIO ANYWHERE!!!  But they are fire and I had to bring them to the blog.  If I can find out anything on them I will update the blog, BUT there are those bands out there that like to be mysterious, I have run across a few.   Enjoy their music, the vocals are pure fire, just what I love to hear.

That’s all I have for this week.  Join me next Wednesday for Hump Day and next Saturday for the weekly band.  This one is from Australia and I have an interview.  Have a great week my HeadBangers.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…



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