Well my HeadBangers, I missed the weekly post Saturday.  Sorry about that, I have the crud but I am not going to miss today.  I think all this constant weather changing and it doesn’t help when someone at work is spreading the shit around.  So here we go 3 that I hope will get you through the rest of your week.  It’s the last week in September, where did the month go.  Winter is coming…



Well I’m really liking this band, they play Existential Dread Metal from Budapest, Hungary.  I learn something new everyday.   Those vocals are killing me….


“Elävältä Haudattu”

Finnish Melodic Doom, this is what I needed today.  That will take the crud right out of me.  Listen to those vocals omfg.  You know I love my vocals.


“Fall of the Loyal Warrior”

Man this was a surprise for me.   Asinhell  features volbeat’s (who I love) Michael Poulsen, Marc Grewe (Insidious Disease, Ex-Morgoth) and Morten Toft Hansen (Raunchy).  Their Debut Album Impii Hora comes out September 29.  Check it out my HeadBangers. 

Well I feel better already.  Guess I just needed a good dose of some of the hard stuff.   Join me Saturday for the weekly band, again accept my apologies, and next Wednesday for the weekly band.  Hey wait till the snow flies, we are going to have some fun then…

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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