Well my HeadBangers while waiting to get interviews back from bands, a lot are touring so I understand, but the blog must go on so here we are.  While looking around the globe at metal bands I happen to come across this band from France.  The name of their band is:   HROTHGAR .   Hrothgar was was a  semi-legendary Danish King  living around the early sixth century AD.  I don’t know if that’s where they take their name from but I bet it has something to do with it.  That’s not a very common name.  However their music kicks ass and the vocals, just kill me, you know how I am about my vocals.  So let’s check these guys out…

“Dawn of Midgard”

“For Gods And North”

Do you hear that, omfg, those vocals kill me, sorry but you know how I am with my vocals.  On their FB page it says:

The new Kings of Melodic death metal!  Sailing across Death Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal.

Well I don’t know about the King part, but Melodic Death Metal, ah, I’m not sure, but I hear a little of everything with these guys and it all works.   Metal has been broken down into so many sub genres that when I listen all I hear is metal, so Thrash, Speed, Power, it’s all there, and it all works.  Every band has their own little twist but in the end it’s all metal.

The band started in 2013 going by the name of  “Esteliath”, then officially became Hrothgar in June of 2017.   I couldn’t find any bio on this band and you know that really gets to me.  Every band should have a bio, hell I will do it for you, lmao.  There are people like me out here that want to know about the band, that’s why I do written interviews guys.  Anyway, so this will be a short one this week for lack of info but not for lack of music.  Let’s meet the band…

Bertrand Paradis – Bass (2017-present)

Tristan Vatrain – Guitars & Vocals (2017-present)

Quentin Peyrouse – Vocals (2017-present)

Sébastien Couriol – Drums (2018-present)

My Thoughts:

I think this is the shortest band week I’ve done in a very long time, but like I said tours, gotta make that money.  Anyway see that pic on the right side with the kid.  Isn’t that what I always say, metal is familia.  It is up to us to teach the next generation what metal is all about and I think we are all doing a great job.  Look at the young bands, who they grew up listening to, yep, the older bands that are still around.   Metal is all just one big METAL FAMILIA.  Check these guys out, they really are good.  They are on FB and Instagram.  Till Hump Day my HeadBangers, have a great weekend and see you Wednesday for Hump Day and next Saturday for the weekly band, hopefully I’ll have an interview for you.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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