My HeadBangers I have been wanting this band to be on the blog since I first heard their music.  So here they are along with and interview from the founder,  who plays Guitar/Vocals,  Gabriel Blacksmith (Gábor Kovács) former leader and main songwriter of the acclaimed Hungarian Power Metal Band “Wisdom”.  Their first Album just dropped on September 22, let’s check out a couple songs…

“Ignis Fatuus”

Listen to that, this is the song that drew me like a moth to the flame.  I love the video, it’s perfect.  

“Hellbent Horde”

Seriously listen to those instruments, hard and fast, and those vocals what can I say you know how I am about my vocals!

I have some bio on them, let’s check it out and then on with the interview:

Grymheart combines the energy of Power Metal, the harmonies of Folk Metal, and the epicness of Symphonic Metal and the screaming vocals of Death Metal.  (I swear I hear some Speed and maybe a lil Thrash, and it all works so well)   The most important elements of their sound are the catchy melodies: every track contains memorable parts which get stuck in your head; the songs are mostly fast and uplifting with lots of double kick drums, but there are some slow part with a darker mood too.

The overall concept and image of Grymheart come from iconic monsters & demon hunter characters like The Wither, Solomon Kane, Van Helsing, etc.  Each song tells about mystical creatures such as ghosts, succubus, the living dead, Ignis Fatuus, or harpies.  The hunt is open!

Here we go my HeadBangers on with the interview.  I would like to thank Gabriel for taking time to fill us in on a few things.  I know things for them have been hectic with the album dropping, so it means a lot for him to take this time.  As always mine in blue and Gabriel’s in black…

From what I can find out the band was started in 2022 by you who as we know  played in the band Wisdom.   Did you totally leave the band?  What made you  want to start Grymheart?

Actually I didn’t leave Wisdom, just the band stopped for a while. It is a long story but maybe one day we will do something again but now everybody is busy with his new band. Grymheart is an old project but I didn’t have enough time to do it seriously because of Wisdom and when Wisdom stopped I could start to work on it normally.

And I’m glad you did, the band has that something special that really pulls you in.  How did the band come together?  Did you all know each other before Grymheart started?

I have known  “Dargor”  for a long time, he was a great Wisdom fan so we met a lot at concerts. “Sorin” was recommended by Wisdom’s last drummer Dani.  He was a good choice for Grymheart because perhaps he is the greatest fan of this style of metal among the drummers in Hungary.  Last but not least, “V’arhel”  played in the same band as “Dargor” and he is also a big fan of this kind of music and the whole fantasy  concept of what Grymheart is about.

Your music touches on several different genres of metal. Which I really like, there’s something there for all metal lovers. What made you want to combine them all?

This mixing thing wasn’t a plan I just wanted to write songs with harsh vocals with some folkish vibes.  Before Grymheart I only played Power Metal so of course this legacy affects my songs.

When I started doing the blog 5 years ago there wasn’t as many sub genres of metal as there is now.  I love how it has expanded into other areas but keeps that metal vibe.  Like I always say Metal is an ever changing beast, and it’s true.  I always ask this question, what does the name “Grymheart” mean and  why was it chosen for your band name?

The word “grim” has a lot of meanings and most of them fit perfectly with our demon-monster hunter concept which brings you a dark world of fantasy and horror but we changed the “i” to “y” for a more unique look. The “heart” refers to the emotional and kind part of our music and with “grim” sounds cool.

That was well thought out Gabriel, you guys put some thought into that.  Do you have a certain process for creating your songs?

Actually, there is no exact process. I just take my guitar and let my feelings guide me. After I have some ideas I sit down on my computer and start working on the orchestrations. The lyrics are the final step of the writing process when the music is already done.

Do you play locally or is touring in your future?

Beside some local shows we would like to go on international tours with bigger bands. It will be the next step in Grymheart’s life.  It is very important to show our music around the world.

It will be heard trust me, I have people from all over the planet that read the blog, so I know they will be checking you out.  What would you like to see for Grymheart in the future?

We want to play to as many people as we can and to reach everyone who loves this kind of music.

I have no doubt that it will happen, I have a feeling for things like this.    What made each one of you want to play in a band?

I have been in bands since I was 16 and the music is like the air for me, so I can’t live without it. The others also love to be on stage in front of the audience and play metal. This is a lifestyle and you can never stop.

I totally understand, that is exactly how I feel when I bring a band to the blog, it’s a passion, not a past time.  Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you to everyone who has already listened to our music and if somebody perhaps hasn’t heard it and love the catchy melodic death, folk or power metal check out our debut album ‘Hellish Hunt’!

Let’s meet the band:

May be an image of 4 people and guitar

Gabriel Blacksmith – Guitars & Vocals

Dargor Rivgahr – Guitar

V’arhel – Bass

Sorin Nalaar – Drums

My Thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers what do you think?  To me this band has: just dropped their first album, some great videos, and I know Metal Heads are going to want to hear more from this band.  I found them several weeks ago and had them on Hump Day.  I knew they were something special then and I can only see them going down that path because they put it the work and they love the music.  I really appreciate Gabriel taking time to chat with me, I know this is a busy time for them.  I will keep and eye on them and let my HeadBangers know if anything new or any tours come up.   When you put in the work, your rewards can be endless…..

That’s it for this week my Headbangers.  Join me next Wednesday for Hump Day and Saturday for the weekly band.  I am working on an interview, that I’m not going to name, but I never thought I would get such a great response from them.  It maybe a week or 2 cause they are starting their European Tour.  I told you we are going to have some fun this winter, so let it begin.  I get excited just thinking about it, as I do with all band interviews.    Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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