Well my HeadBangers here we are into the 2nd week of November.  Christmas right around the corner and snow, seems like we didn’t even get a Fall season this year.   However, the music is still always here, with that being said let’s get to the 3 songs I’ve picked out to help you get through the rest of the week (hopefully they will lol).



How about some Black Metal from Iceland, love this video.  Love Iceland….


“Agonizing Luminosity”

More Black Metal from Poland.  I really like the sound of this band.  I understand the covering of the face but…


“Of Course I Still Love You”

I cannot say enough about this band.  I saw them live in Helsinki and  with Jarkko Koukonen as their frontman, they can do no wrong.  Jarkko’s vocals are some of the best, and I’ve heard a lot.   Melodic Death/Thrash, you can’t go wrong with BRHG!

That’s your 3 for this week.  Join me this week for the weekly band which will be a inside look at the man himself  “Kalmo”, he’s been on the blog before, but this time we look more into his other side.  Doom Metal from Finland, can’t go wrong with that my HeadBangers.  

See you then in the meantime stay warm and keep HeadBanging…

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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