Week 49 – Smorrah

My HeadBangers welcome, from Gelsenkirchen, Germany:


Thrash ‘n’ Death Metal from Germany.
evil, ungracious & merciless,

“Welcome To Your Nightmare”

Hardly a nightmare for me Perkele, Maruis those growl vocals are killing me right now.

Before I get into the Bio let’s meet these guys:


Christian Krajewesk – Bass
Daniel Hartmann – Guitar
Robin Klimowitsch – Drums
Marius Wegener – Vocals

“The Burden of Necrosouls”

This is LIVE at Helvete Oberhausen 30.August 2019

Ok Headbangers BIO time:

First off I want to thank these guys for translating their bio for me.  I’m taking Finnish classes right now and if I had to translate one more thing my head will explode.  So thank you guys I really appreciate it, not to mention it’s very interesting and that always grabs us Headbangers.

SMORRAH was formed in March 2017. Located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany the hometown of the mighty thrash metal legends Sodom.

SMORRAH is a mix of fast, aggressive, atmospheric and head crushing heavy metal genres of our time.  All band members have been friends for over 15 years and they are known for other German metal Bands like Ragefield, Firestorm and Killing Culture.

The bands name is about “Smorra(h)”.  A legend of a demon in the Ruhr area, who sits on peoples chests while the victims are in a kind of sleep paralysis. This Mythos is mostly known in families of coal miners.  Stories about “Smorra(h)” are also known as “Mare”, “Nightmare”, “Nachtmahr”, “Mara” etc. in other regions and countries.

Lyric themes are about demons, inner struggles, death, horror.  Welcome to your Nightmare is a Song about the “SMORRAH” demon.

“Killing Spree”  Live 2018

“Killing Spree” is about a child-murdering child from a city near Gelsenkirchen. This incident occurred in a city near Gelsenkirchen and was a big thing in German media. (Seriously look this up really interesting).

Also we are a part of a huge underground scene in the Ruhr area North Rhine Westphalia West Germany.

We organize many shows with other Bands.  Check out Gelsen Metal Alliance on Facebook.  I did and it’s another metal family as are we all.  That’s what binds us.


In October, the 12th to be exact,  we will play a benefit concert for people in Togo.
It is called “Pogo für Togo Festival”.  This means something like “Mosh for Togo”.  It will take place at Emscherdamm Venue in Oberhausen, Germany.  Check these guys out at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.


My thoughts, well I know I’m ordering me a patch when I’m done, and I don’t put just any patch on my vest.  I fricking love these guys.  There’s not one thing about this band or the guys I do not like.   I am drawn to bands with history and a story, not to mention the growl vocals, you guys know that.  When a band takes the time to come up with a name that also comes with a great story, how can you not love that.  Also each song has a story, yeah whatever, I know all songs have a story, maybe so, maybe not.  I’ve done alot of bands here and not all songs have a story trust me, I don’t make this shit up.  That’s why I do what I do, bring the metal to my Headbangers and you decide for yourself, remember what speaks to me maynot speak to you, but at least listen.  This planet is filled with the most interesting bands, and that means people too.  Scroll down my list, they’re from everywhere and the music is what makes us family.  Don’t ever forget that….

Well my Headbangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…


Week 48 – Beyond The Styx

My HeadBangers welcome from Tours, France:   Beyond The Styx

Whoever we are, everyone is doomed to live in spite of himself, on one side of the Styx…

“Walls – Hardcore World”

HeadBangers if that doesn’t wake you up and get your attention I really don’t know WTH to tell you.  Talk about some up in your face growl vocals I love it, everything about this song is on point as far as I’m concerned.   Yeah it is, and how about this one.

“Danse Macabre”

Perfect for a Friday night HeadBangers.  Listen to this next one HOLY FKING SHIT, this is taking my growl vocals to another level I LOVE IT.   Talk about the range Emile has in that voice and the music RAW, Dark and Heavy just like we like it.


Now for some BIO taken from their site:

Racing the European roads since 2011, BTSTYX is inspired by a dark and violent musical universe.  At the crossroads between Hardcore, Metal and Thrash crossover, the French quintet has already unleashed the crowds on more than 120 gigs, alongside renowned bands such as:
Nasty, Malevolence, Tagada Jones, Sand or Words of Concrete…

following the release of his new studio effort : “STIIGMA” (recorded at DOME Studio & arranged by Nick Jett: Terror, Backtrack, Lionheart…), BTSTYX expresses a clear, deep and incisive desire to open minds to the misdeeds of the most decadent modern society.

“Is our history an eternal beginning ?”
That’s the challenge of BTSTYX: embody the flapping of a butterfly wing.
with all respect and humility, as ambitious as it may be…
Participate in the hurricane of renewal !
Hit the world without counting the distance that separates the gig from tonight to the next,
support each band and each local scene so that persists and resists: hardcore music,
gather the crowds to defend the respect to the difference
and invite everyone to question the drift of the values of our modern society.
So that our reality today doesn’t become our new hell of tomorrow.
Armed with an hardened line-up, BTSTYX drives the point by highlighting with “STIIGMA” a torrent of live energy of the most rabid!

That’s a tall order my HeadBangers, but I have a feeling they’ll do it without missing a beat…

Let’s meet the band:



► Emile: vocals – @M1000et1nuit ◄
► Adrien: Drums – @adrienstyx ◄
► Victor: lead Guitar – @VictorGuitarher ◄
► David: rhythm Guitar – @VIIdeath ◄
► Yoann: Bass – @PikabOol ◄

Their twitter accounts are listed at the end of each player.

My thoughts, well my brain is fried right now from this listening to this band, but in a very good way.  There’s nothing more that I love than good growl vocals you all know that, but all growl vocals are different.   It’s what the listener hears and I can’t tell you what you hear or anybody else, that’s what being human is about, we are all different.   HOWEVER,  I can tell you that there is something that draws us HeadBangers and MetalHeads to these bands, so there is something there that connects us together, and isn’t it the best.  It’s like fire, to hot to hold but you are still drawn to it…….


Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.   Remember, yeah you know, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…     



Weekly Band List – and more to come.




  •   Week 53 – Infected Rain – Nu Metal/Nu Metalcore – Chișinău, Moldova
  •   Week 52 – The Veer Union – Hard Rock/NuMetal – Vancouver, BC
  •    Week 51 – Ligature Marks – Metal – Portland, Oregon
  •   Week 50 – Sept 28 – AEolian – Metal – Palma, Spain
  •   Week 49 – Sept 21 – Smorrah – Thrash/Death Metal – Gelsenkirchen,      Germany
  •   Week 48 – Sept 14 – Beyond the Styx – Hardcore Metal – Tours, France
  •  Week 47 – Sept 7 – Brackish Tide –  Metal – Somerset County, MD
  •  Week 46 –  August 31 – Kryptos – Old School Heavy Metal – Bangalore, India
  •  Week 45 – August 24 – Spyder Volt – Alternative Rock – Laredo, Texas
  •  Week 44 –  August 17 – Descent of The ArchAngel – Underground Metalcore – US
  •  Week 43 –  August 10 – Dark Messiah – Heavy Metal – Winnipeg, Canada
  •  Week 42 –   August 3 – Arcsin -Modern Melodic Progressive Metal – Miami, Florida
  •  Week 41 –  July 27 –  Methane Metal – Southern Thrash Metal – Sweden/Jersey
  •  Week 40 –  July 20 –  Bloodred Hourglass – Melodic Death/Thrash Metal – Mikkeli, Finland
  •  Week 39 –  July 13 –  Atarka – Metal – Birmingham, UK. 
  •  Week 38 –  July 6   –  Silverbullet Band – Symphonic Heavy Metal – Riihimaki, Suomi
  • Week 37 –  June 29 –  Hammer Down Hard – New Age Hard Rock/Metal
  •  Week 36 – June 22 –  Syth Glasgow – Old School Metal – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Week 35 –  June 15  – Virtues – Metalcore – Brisbane, Australia
  • Week 34 –  June 8  –  Vovkulaka  – Dark Angry Evil Metal – Odessa, Ukraine
  • Week 33 –  June 1  –  Executioner  – Hardcore Thrash – San Antonio, Texas
  • Week 32 – May 25 – Night Shadow – Power/Speed Metal – San Diego, California
  • Week 31 – May 18 – Primitive Machine – Rock, Dublin City, Ireland
  • Week 30 – May 11 – Daggerplay – Punk,  Rock n Roll, Power Pop, Helsinki,     Finland
  • Week 29 – May 4 –  Kalmo – Finnish Doom Metal – Kerava, Finland
  •  Week 28 – April 27 – Repaid in Blood – Pure Fucking Geek Metal – San Jose, California               
  • Week 27 – April 20 – Arch Enemy – Melodic Death Metal – Halmstad, Sweden 
  • Week 26 – April 13 – Falling Into Red – Hard Alternative Rock – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Week 25 – April 6 – Tulsadoom – Evil Barbaric Heavy Thrash Metal – Vienna, Austria 
  • Week 24 – March 30 – Dream Troll – Old School Rock – Leeds, England
  • Week 23 – March 23 – The 69 Eyes – Goth & Roll – Helsinki Finland
  • Week 22 – March 16 – Ghost Season – Alternative Metal – Athens, Greece
  • Week 21 – March 9 – Vane – Pirate Melodeath Metal – Poland
  • Week 20 – March 2 – Ravenscroft – Rock – Orange, California
  • Week 19 – Feb 23 –  Love Machine – Heavy Rock – Milano, Italy
  • Week 18 – Feb 16 – Children of Bodom – Melodic Death Metal – Espoo, Finland
  • Week 17 – Feb 9 – 10 Gauge – Hard Rock – England, UK
  • Week 16 – Feb 2 – Everlit – Hard Rock – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Week 15 – Jan 26 – Victim of Illusion – Progressive Rock – Turin, Italy
  • Week 14 – Jan 19 – September Sky – Alternative Metal – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Week 13 – Jan 12 – The Edge of Reason – Rock/Post Hardcore – Regensburg, Germany
  • Week 12 – January 1, 2019 New Years Day – The HU BAND – MONGOLIA
  • Week 11 – Dec 29 – Apocalyptica – Rock/Metal – Helsinki, Finland
  • Week 10 – Dec 22 – Hidden Scars – Prog/Indus Metal – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Week  9 –  Dec 15 – In Hell – Black Death Metal – Lille, France
  • Week  8 –  Dec 08 – Fireproven – Prog Death Metal – Tampere, Finland
  • Week  7 – Nov 30 – Amon Amarth – Death Metal – Tumba, Sweden
  • Week  6 – Nov 23 – Chernobyls Uterus – Grindcore Metal – Pripyat, Ukraine
  • Week  5 – Nov 17 – Five Finger Death Punch – Metal – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Week  4 – Nov 10 – Universal Theory – Gothic Metal – Madrid, Spain
  • Week  3 – Nov 03 – Mawcore – Hard Rock/Metal – Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Week  2 – Oct 27 – Sin7 Band – Heavy Metal – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Week  1 – Oct 20 – Forever Still – Hard Rock/Metal – Copenhagen, Denmark


Week 47 – Brackish Tide

This week my HeadBangers welcome “Brackish Tide” 

“Lie Down and Die”


Here’s some Bio on the band:

Brackish Tide, an all original heavy metal band, was formed on the banks of the murky Pocomoke River in Somerset County, MD in the spring of 2014. After writing, rehearsing and recording for about a year they released their debut CD, “The View From Below” , in September 2015. After a line up change they released a single, “Carpe Noctum”, in October 2017. Currently playing shows and working on their second full length CD!

Our Influences:

Brackish Tide’s influences cover a wide span of very early metal, rock, prog and doom to the newest in metal subgenres that have taken hold in recent years.

This is one of my favorites:

“Carpe Noctum”


Let’s meet the band:


Goat – vocals
WW – guitars, vocals
DD – bass, vocals
Murdock – guitars
Tim 6 – drums

As you can see these guys really get into their music.

For more songs check out Utube and their Facebook page.  If you’re ever down south listen for the music you may just find them performing in a local club.  I’ll update their info as I get it, but for now they are working on their next CD and performing.  Hope to see you guys sometime.  

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn……


Update – The Edge Of Reason


Germany, Regensburg, Aug. 26, 2019

– Third single release from the album “Sting”– “Squeezed Lemon”, as well as the accompanying music video will be released on September 13, 2019– Mastered by Joey Sturgis (eg Asking Alexandria)

The German emo-rock / post-hardcore band THE EDGE OF REASON will release their second full-length album “Sting” on October 25, 2019, which will be released on STF-Records.

With their debut album BROKEN BUT NOT TORN, the band built a steadily growing fan and follower community.  The Singles RIVER and COME TRUE from the upcoming album STING reached #40 and #37 in the iTunes rock charts. The music video for COME TRUE is scratching the mark of 50,000 views on Youtube.

The new single can already be presaved Spotify and subscribed to the premiere on Youtube. All common digital channels will follow shortly.

“Squeezed Lemon”, as well as the upcoming album were again produced and mixed by Johannes Wenisch in the ROOM4 studio. However, this album and single are mastered by none other than Joey Sturgis, who has already done some magic on the sound for bands like Asking Alexandria or I See Stars.

Press Contact:
Robert Spandl

More information about the band on teor.de/epk

This band is different than my usual, but there is something about them that always takes me to them.  I first did TEOR back in January 12, Week 13.  Big shout out to the guys and RO.  They always let me know when something new is on the horizon and I get to hear it before you HeadBangers do.  They work non stop and are constantly coming up with new material.  Everyone check them out, they are worth it.  Love you guys for always thinking of me, it is very appreciated.

Fans who want to pre-listen should sign up for our insider at teor.de/insider. they will receive a link then.

Week 46 – Kryptos

My HeadBangers welcome KRYPTOS


This week my HeadBangers is a band that has totally taken me by surprise.  I had never heard of them before and just stumbled across them on U-tube.  I was in for a big surprise.  Listen to this:


Here’s some bio, there’s not alot out here on them but let’s see what we do know:

The band began in 1998 and are from Bangalore, India.  Raging, traditional heavy metal blazing with the spirit and attitude of the glorious 80s. Metal the way it was always meant to be, but they are also considered by some as Heavy/Thrash.  That’s up to the listener to decide, to me it’s fast, hard, heavy, and lots of hair so I say heavy metal and that works for me.  Also taking some of their lyrical themes from: Mythology, Occult, Sci-Fi, Paranormal.

And for you lovers of all things subterranean , and you know who you are, get this:

Kryptos derives their name from the Latin word – ‘Cruptus’, which relates to Catacombs or Burial Chambers beneath Churches.

The band has a few words for their fans:

Just want to thank everyone for the awesome response that we’ve got from the latest release, we’re really honored.  Can’t wait to get on tour once again and meet all our fans across the world.  Cheers!

Let’s meet the band:

Nolan Lewis – Guitars/Vocals
Rohit Chaturvedi – Lead Guitars
Ganesh K. – Bass

“One Shot To Kill” 

Kryptos became the first Indian heavy metal band to play a full set at Wacken Open Air in 2017.

“Mach Speed Running”

Can’t help myself, just one more.

“Full Throttle”

My thoughts,  I am constantly amazed at where I  find good metal music on this planet.   It’s everywhere, and the more I look the more I find, and I bring it to you HeadBangers.  Kryptos was a surprise for me, I really love their music, ask the metal man he was listening to me play it.  The guys were always very nice and whenever I had a question they answered within hours.  That impresses me, when a band will take the time to talk to a metal blogger they don’t know and trust that what I say will come across correctly, that’s the bond we Metal Heads have, we are familia.  A big thank you to the guys, and I’m trying to get you here to Finland.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime remember, like I would let you forget, don’t stand to close to the fire if  you can’t handle the burn…….


Week 45 – Spyder Volt

My HeadBangers  welcome:


An Alternative/Rock trio from Laredo, Texas. Blending melodic rhythms, crunchy guitars, with a distinctive modern edge.


My HeadBangers the guys just sent me the link of their new release, thanks so much guys, it’s truly and honor to put it on the blog.  Here we have:

“Flip the Switch”

I have to say I love how this video has been filmed, its different and I love the sound of these three Metal Heads.

“Lost In The Days”


Let’s meet the Band:

Band Members

Juan Zac – Singer/Songwriter/Guitars
Matt – Bass
Cesar M – Drums

Juan is also their booking agent and can be reached at (956) 645-8652.  There is more information on their FB page.


Ok HeadBangers, this night the band didn’t have a drummer, but the show must go on.  Mad Respect for these guys I am not kidding.  This bands motto should be “Not Today”.

ALBUM OUT NOW!!  http://www.spydervolt.com  Check out our videos and give us a like! We are looking for gigs in Texas.


 I am quiet taken with this trio from Texas.  They keep going through any and all obstacles, they have SISU, and I don’t use that term lightly it is tattooed on my wrist, and if you follow the blog and me you know what that means, if not google it.  Some Bands are bigger than life, some just starting out, and some not giving up till they make it.  I know these guys will make it because they are putting in the work.  Give them a listen, check out their FB page and web site.  Remember all music has metal in it.  As I receive any updates I will let you know.  

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…….



Week 44 – Descent of the Archangel

My HeadBangers welcome tonight something different, they are called:


Listen to this   “Canaanites’ Curse”

Let’s meet the Band:


Ok this is just their head gear lol below is a photo painted by a professional artist of the group, they my HeadBangers are out for that different look and I think they are succeeding.


Descent of the Archangel is:

Mixer Mike – Clean Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Prevail – Unclean Vocals, Guitar
X-47 – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

“Attack Attack!”

Now let’s have some bio on this band:

Descent of the Archangel was formed in 2013. Their music has been characterized as a fusion of Underground Metalcore, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Deathcore, Thrash Metal, and Djent. Their latest album is based on the ultimate sense of betrayal, and the war in the current spiritual age. The great Archangel fights alongside those who defend truth. The Angel of Death is coming to bring about the end of pain and chaos. Those who listen to Descent of the Archangel beware, your life will never be the same.

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde

My HeadBangers I agree with that quote 110 percent.

That being said, my thoughts, you all know I love growl vocals.  To me that is a big part of the metal experience and of course the hair, can’t help myself guys.  Anyway, I also love bands that push the limit and aren’t afraid to boldly go where other fear to tread.  Descent of the Archangel does exactly this, with a cross of a deep guttral out pouring that grabs you by the throat, I don’t know how they do that sound but it is a head slammer.  I’m looking forward to new music and will update you HeadBangers when it’s out.  In the meantime check them out on FB, Twitter, and Utube.

Well my Headbangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime, remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn….



Week 43 – Dark Messiah

My HeadBangers welcome Dark Messiah


“No Soul To Sell”

The thing I like best about this song, besides the music is Stephen makes such a convincing Soul Collector.

This band had its beginnings in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the summer of 2015.  They are considered a Groove/Thrash Metal Band.  

Let’s meet these dark ones with good hair, and I mean that as a compliment.

– Stephen Chubaty: Vocals, Lyrics
– Jonathan Hayward: Guitar
– Lagg Walker: Bass
– Jamie Otto: Drums

Here’s some Bio on the band, some from the their site, and some from here and there:

The band was formed by guitarist Jonathan Hayward in the summer of 2015.  They came together to turn back the clocks and rediscover the roots of Heavy Metal.  Then came the drummer, a bassist and a rhythm guitarist, and they started to craft their sound that made them a band.  The drummer recommended Stephen Chubaty for vocalist and main lyricist.  He became the next member.

The band jumped onto the scene quickly. A very established bar that had been around about as long as rock n roll itself “The Zoo” announced it was closing. Jonathan and Stephen had never played the iconic venue before so the band set out to try and book a gig. Even though the group did not have a name yet and had barely been off the ground for a month, they decided to push forward.

With the gig fast approaching the need for a name was getting frustrating. In a conversation with a friend Jonathan was asked what kind of band he was trying to help put together. “A classic metal inspired band, but one different than anyone else. a band that would bring back what once was.” He said. His friend responded with “Kinda like a chosen band.” as a joke. “Yeah but an evil one. Like a….dark messiah.” the name was solidified and the gig was officially booked. 

In preparation for this goal the band worked hard together to make the show happen. Conflict and personality clashes led to the band’s first bassist to quit. They found a replacement to join the band a mere 12 days before the show. With original parts written and personalized by each member Dark Messiah took the stage.

In the end it was deemed a success. The band would go on to play more shows throughout the next couple of months but also had some more lineup changes. Lawrence Reimer was brought in to play rhythm guitar as the first member had to follow a different path. Lawrence’s drive helped push the band to it’s next level. Perfectly balancing the already established sound. The band was shook to the core when it was forced to use the services of a fill in drummer due to unforeseen circumstances.

Even with all these issues arising the band never cancelled a show and never missed a beat. They eventually recruited the naturally talented Robert Schau on drums. A few months later the band was forced to once again replace a bassist right in the midst of recording. Lagg Walker joined the band and helped finish the E.P. The release debuted at #4 on Reverbnation for metal in Winnipeg and the next day made it to #2 and eventually reached #1 holding that spot for 5 months and counting. In February of 2017 Robert left the band to pursue other styles of music and metal. The band recruited drummer Ole Larson who also played in a Winnipeg band called Dome.

Soon after Ole joined, the band released a music video for their song “No Soul To Sell” and announced Their Western Canadian “Converting The Masses” tour simultaneously.  A few weeks before the tour Lawrence Reimer left the band due to personal reasons. They continued on with the tour as a 4 piece.  In November, 2017, Ole quit the band to focus on his musicianship. They recruited Jamie Otto to jump in as their new full time drummer.

Well my HeadBangers as we all well know there are always the personal differences that tear bands apart, life sometimes gets in the way.  But in the end by keeping up the hard work it always comes together.  This band had been through everything and is still banging it out.  Stick to it guys.

“Eliminate The Enemy”

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn……


Week 42 – Arcsin

First let me apologize for being late, I hate being late, electricity and internet were the culprits but I’m sorry to the band and my headbangers, love you guys.

Please welcome my HeadBangers and MetalHeads: Arcsin

“Nowhere to Hide”

Here’s some bio on the guys, taken from their website:

In 2014, three founding members of a band came together to reignite their passion for music and reformulate the group they loved, they called it Arcsin. This popular Miami-based progressive metal band now has five multi-talented musicians that have melded together a sound that includes even synthesizers and strings to accompany its searing, shredded riffs.

Some of us grew up together, some even competed against each other in venues, and it started over a decade ago,” explains front man Emilio Martinez.
Arcsin was then known as Paralysys and consisted of Emilio Martinez and brothers Chris Hayes and Justin Hayes. Justin chimes in, “We existed for seven years as a band called Paralysys, but eventually we had to move on.” “Today we’re a whole new creative entity with the addition of Alberto Carballo and Mike Pignataro.” Emilio Martinez offers.

The band opened for notable national acts such as death metal legends Carcass, power metal legends Hammerfall, thrash metal legends Flotsam & Jetsam and guitar virtuoso Felix Martin. Arcsin has not only come full circle, they’ve flipped full-triangle, and they’ve got seemingly endless angles to come at you.

Let’s meet the band:


Emilio Jose Martinez Jr.
Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Date of Birth
: May 29, 1983


Chris Hayes
Birthdate: September 9, 1987


Justin Hayes
Birthdate: January 22, 1990


Alberto Carballo
Guitar and Backing Vocals
Date of Birth: August 29, 1988 


Mike Pignataro  –  Keyboardist

“Sing in Silence”

I love this song.  Listen hear those growl vocals then right into that smooth sound.  Love it.   At this time Emilio has let me know they are working on new material and I cannot wait to hear more from this band.  I love their sound and as soon as I hear anything I will let all my HeadBangers know.  All that hair helps too guys.

Well my Headbangers that’s it for last week (get it).  Join me this week for another band and another song.  In the meantime, remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn……



The definition of Methane:

Methane ( US : / ˈ m ɛ θ eɪ n / or UK : / ˈ m iː θ eɪ n / ) is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH 4 (one atom of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen ). It is a group-14 hydride and the simplest alkane, and is the main constituent of natural gas. The relative abundance of methane on Earth makes it an attractive fuel, although capturing and storing it poses challenges due to its gaseous state under normal conditions for temperature and pressure.

flame fire water reflection

There it is my HeadBangers, Methane, it can burn anywhere at anytime, on water and ice, you all know I love my fire, but Methane, you can’t escape it, it’s attractive but hard to contain so  here we go into some Southern Thrash Metal from a Band known as METHANE.

“Pray For Death”


Let’s meet the guys:


Olle Ekman Drums (2017-present)

Tim Scott
Vocals, Bass (2012-present)

Dylan Campbell
Guitars (2012-present)

Jimi Mästerbo
Guitars (2012-present)

“Blood Sweat and Beer”

Now for a little bio:

This Band claims two homes, Borlänge, Sweden / Midland Park, New Jersey, United States. Which is a good combination if you ask me.  The following bio was taken from their site:

  Methane formed in the fall of 2012 by American brothers, living in Sweden, Tim Scott (former bassist of Revenant and HatePlow) and Dylan Campbell together with Tim’s long time friend Jimi Masterbo and drummer Andreas Strom. After gaining underground recognition for their previous EP releases, 2014’s ‘Southern Metal’, and 2015’s ‘Spit On Your Grave’, Methane was signed in 2016 by Sony’s Dark Star Records. The band has also appeared on the soundtrack for Scottish mini series Metalhedz (S03E02 and S03E03) as well as the first ever E-Novel with music “How an Atomic Fart Saved The World”.

February of 2017 saw Methane release its debut full length album “The Devil’s Own” on Sony/Dark Star Records which has been met by the press with great reviews. Drawing influence from Slayer, LOG, and Pantera, Methane has created a unique sound that is strong and unapologetic. The band has been touring in Europe supporting the album and steadily gaining a strong and loyal fan base in the European Metal scene with a reputation as a high powered, energetic live band. To date, Methane has played over 60 shows in 6 countries on 2 continents. Highlights include U.S. tour, headlining Finnish Tour, Rage of Armageddon Festival (NYC,USA) Metal Inferno Festival (Sweden), Heavy Metal Heart Festival (Helsinki) and opening for international touring bands such as Warbringer, Nervosa, Whiplash and The Haunted. Most recently, Methane has been joined by a new drummer, Olle Ekman, former singer of Deals Death and Amaranthe (live). With a string of tour dates already confirmed to start in Winter of 2018, Methane is planning a new assault on Europe.

Well as you can see my Headbangers these guys are all over the place.  

“Scars and Bars”

I chatted  with Tim who told me Methane has something new coming out and it will be announced at the end of August, lots of things happening.  So stay tuned my HeadBangers to see what’s in store.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime, remember fire is free it can happen anytime and anywhere with the right conditions so becareful my HeadBangers and, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


Week 40 – Bloodred Hourglass




My HeadBangers welcome one of Finland’s Hottest bands with great growl vocals Bloodred Hourglass, aka BRHG.  Let’s hear a song, I’m sure most of you have been hearing them already but, they’re just perkele good.  


This song is 3 years old, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Now let’s meet the guys:

Names from left to right on bottom right pic:

Jarkko Hyvönen

Jose Moilanen

Jarkko Koukonen

Antti Nenonen

Lauri Silvonen


“Six Feet Savior”

I love this song too.  Well there’s really no song that I do not like of BRHG.  Listen to those growl vocals, paska, you know I’m all about the growl vocals, and listen to the instruments, it all melds together with a hard, rough, slam it up in your face sound.  Yes and I love it and so do you.  Who doesn’t like some melodic death metal, yeah I didn’t think so my headbangers.

  Now a little bio on this guys:

BRHG is a melodic death/thrash metal band from Mikkeli, Finland.  Some say death some say thrash, so you will have to judge for yourself.  This was taken off their web site, “Inspired mainly by metal sound, but never disregarding the influences from various other musical genres.”  So like I said it’s up to the individual to decide.  To me I’ll go with melodic death metal.

They are known for their great live performances.  The band’s themes are focused on the individual’s experience of everyday life, as well as environmental issues.

The first full-length album “Lifebound” was released in 2012, in 2015 their second album “Where the Oceans Burn” was released.  In January 2017,  BRHG finished the recordings of their third album  “Heal” which was released in Finland in October 2017, claiming #13 on the official Finnish album chart.  Their new album “Godsend” is out now, so get it. 

“The Unfinished Story”

Like I said I cannot find one song I do not like, even though I’m sitting here with a cold and coughing my ass off, I still hear this music speak to me.

“Ask and You Shall Receive”

GD listen to Jarkko K’s growl vocals, I kid you not I could listen to him for hours, but, also listen to the words and what these guys are saying.  I know it’s hard to concentrate on the words when you have all this metal in your face, so listen to it 3 or 4 times till its crawling all over you, then simmer down and listen to the words.  There’s alot going on with these guys and I look forward to hopefully meeting them someday, as they are not to far away.  In the meantime they have some upcoming gigs and I’ve listed them below, you can get more details on their FACEBOOK page.  Try to catch them, you’ll love it.

August 2 -3  SaariHelvetti     Viikinsaari   Tampere, Finland

August 8  Bloodstock Open   Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom

Well my Headbangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song, in the meantime, yeah you know it’s coming, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn……..


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