My HeadBangers, welcome from Lapland, Finland the Heavy Speed Metal Band:


“Remote Controlled End – 2021”


My HeadBangers you all know I love a band with history, a story, and this band has a great one, taken from their site let’s see how it all began:

Remote Control, Arched Fire’s debut album, has some history. It is where the past meets the present.  “We’ve only been doing this for a couple of years, but there was a thirty-year gap in between,” explains Ari, the rhythm guitar player.

Formed in the small town of Kemijärvi in Finnish Lapland in 1989 by Aslak Purojärvi (drums), Mika Rytilahti (bass), Janne Särkelä (guitar) and Ari Väntänen (guitar), Arched Fire started from scratch.   “We were 14, 15 years old and had no idea what we were doing, but we did it all in the right order:  1) formed a band,  2) bought the instruments, and 3) learned to play.  And we always wrote our own songs.”

Having started as a heavy rock band, they soon steered towards harder and darker metal, inspired by American and Finnish speed/thrash bands.  “If our generation had a punk revolution, this was it. Speed/thrash was a real game-changer.”

Meanwhile, the global metal scene started to take shape – not that the guys knew anything about it. “There was no metal scene whatsoever in the middle of nowhere. We played a handful of gigs with local pop and rock bands that sounded nothing like us. A radio DJ called us ‘heavy speed’ because he didn’t know what our genre was called, which we thought was hilarious. But it was all great; we even got to play live on the air twice and didn’t even think it was a big deal or anything!”

Along with some live and rehearsal recordings, Arched Fire made a four-track demo. When it was (favourably) reviewed in Soundi magazine in late 1990, the band had already split up. “It was our first real band, and we were just teenagers. Things changed fast and life went on, and all we really needed was someone to buy us some beers. But although we went our separate ways, we never forgot Arched Fire.”

As life happened, they lost touch with each other, but not with music. They all kept on playing in different bands, from power pop to black metal, from prog fusion to folk music. Decades flew by until the time felt right to get back together. “We listened to our old recordings and began wondering what we would have sounded like, had we known what we were doing. We decided to find out, just for the fun of it.”


That required some serious work. They kept their old, simple, energetic riffs, but completely re-arranged the song structures and wrote some new parts where needed.  “We realized the vocal lines had to be totally re-written. Back in the turn of the 90s, we talked about finding a singer and a front-man. We never did, because there simply weren’t any in our tiny home town. But now, we all lived in different cities and knew a lot of musicians.”

Soon, Kristian Herkman–an old band mate of Rytilahti’s–joined the band. “As soon as he sent us his first demo version of ‘Escape’, he just felt right. He sounds the part and writes fantastic vocal lines. He really took the band on a whole new level.”

Adding a couple of new songs among the old material, the re-born band started to work on an album. “We wanted to keep the songs simple like they used to be, but with the know-how we have now. Production-wise, we wanted it to sound old-school, but with present-day standards. The plan was to make our teenage kicks meet our present skills as musicians, and it was a lot of fun.”

As soon as the first video single ”Remote-Controlled End” was released, the band got signed: Wormholedeath Records wanted to release Arched Fire’s debut album ”Remote Control” worldwide. A deal was done, and the record will be out in 2021.

And when it came to coming up with a genre, it turned out it had been there since 1989. “We used to joke about the silly ‘heavy speed’ moniker that the radio dj came up with ages ago, but it’s actually an apt description of what Arched Fire sounds like; heavy metal meets speed metal. So, a heavy speed band we are!”

Arched Fire has a really great bio, that goes back to when they started as kids.  Because of space I can’t put it all down but go to their site  archedfire.com  and read it, is so worth it. 

Now let’s meet the band:


Just run your mouse over their pic and you’ll get their info.

My thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers what do you think of these Northern Metal Men.  Did you know that:

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated area bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Capital Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region. The homeland of the indigenous Sami people, which extends into neighboring countries, centers on the far north.  I really am hoping someday I can see those Northern Lights and not on TV.

These guys have so much history, and you know I love it.  Not to mention that fire in their music.  It is like a incredible rush listening to their music.  I know we will be hearing more from them in the future.  They truly are a heavy/speed/lil Thrash maybe mixed in there, metal band and I’m so glad they found me.  I would love to see them live, you can imagine the adrenaline rush they would give you.  I hope to hear more from them soon, and it was my pleasure to make them part of our metal family.  Once your in you never get out.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



My HeadBangers please welcome from Gothenburg, Sweden, the heavy/melodic death metal band, with some of the best growl vocals I’ve heard in awhile, but then what can you expect from Gothenburg, the heart of some of the best metal bands in the world…..



I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to this song.  You guys know how I am about fire…..

“Preachers Of Death”

I cannot even tell you guys the rush I am getting listening to this band.  PERKELE strong on the instrumental and that voice, nothing but hardness to the 10th degree and did I mention the hair omfg, nothing gets to me more then that flying, sweaty hair, yep I know I’m like a moth to a flame, but, I don’t mind the burn…..

OK let me breathe…..  Now on to some bio on these guys.

The Haunted is a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed in 1996. The original members were Anders and Jonas Björler, Peter Dolving, Adrian Erlandsson and Patrik Jensen. Both of the Björler brothers and Erlandsson were members of the seminal melodic death metal band “At the Gates”, a pioneering force in the Swedish death metal scene.

The majority of members, past and present, are from Gothenburg, Sweden; with the exception of Patrik Jensen, who is from Linköping; Per Möller Jensen, who is from Denmark; Adrian Erlandsson, who is from Malmö; and Marco “Shark-Fin” Annaka, who is from Finland.

On 27 July 1996, Patrik Jensen co-created the band with Adrian Erlandsson, who had just become an ex-member of his former band, At the Gates, due to the bands’ split up the day before.  They had made their demo, called Demo ’97, in 1997.

The band released their first album, while signed to Earache Records, the self-titled debut The Haunted, in 1998. The album resulted in The Haunted being praised as Newcomer of the Year by several magazines, and the album being called Album of the Year by Terrorizer Magazine. The Haunted made a respectable live reputation staging the Swedish metal scene, as well the international scene, touring the U.K. with Napalm Death.

After the release of this album, Peter Dolving and Adrian Erlandsson both left the band in 1999, the former focusing on a solo career and the latter joining Cradle of Filth. Their replacements were Marco Aro and Per Möller Jensen. The band began to record their second album right after.

Their second album, “Made Me Do IT”, released in 2000, was more melodic and resembled the Gothenburg style (with bands such as (At The Gates, etc.) more than old-school thrash metal  that was used on The Haunted. It is originally called Made Me Do It, but it is meant for the band name to be included in the title. “The Haunted Made Me Do It” topped CMJ Loud Rock Radio Chart in four weeks, and won a Swedish Grammy for Best Hard Rock Album. The album was followed by European tours with Entombed and Nile, The Crown in U.K., and In Flames  in Japan. The Haunted played on festivals such as 2000 Decibel, Hultsfred (both in Sweden), Graspop (Belgium), and Wacken Open Air (Germany). The band subsequently released their first live album – Live Rounds in Tokyo.

“Brute Force”

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this band.

In August 2001, guitarist/songwriter Anders Björler left the band and he was temporarily replaced by Marcus Sunesson of The Crown for The Haunted’s headlining tour; in less than a year Björler returned to the band. This meant that he could appear on the third studio album.

The next album was released in February 2003 and was titled One Kill Wonder. The Haunted broke their own record being listed at number one on CMJ Loud Rock Radio Chart in five weeks. Alternative Press hailed The Haunted as one of metal’s 25 most important bands. The song D.O.A., from this album, became available for download in March 2008 for the video game Rock Band, on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Marketplace, and the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network.  Another song from the same album, Shadow World, was announced as a future download.

One Kill Wonder resulted in the band dominating album charts all over the world, and their first tours to Australia and South Africa, another tour to Japan, and a second Grammy. After another tour to Scandinavia, North America, United Kingdom and Europe in the fall of 2003, the sudden departure of Marco Aro came as a shock. Though, this opened a new chance of building up a reunion with former vocalist Peter Dolving.

Their first album with Peter Dolving back at the helm (and signed to a new deal with Century Media, was entitled Revolver. The new album was released in October 2004 and named as it was to convey the evolution of the band and the music it plays as a whole. Revolver was met with a fair amount of fan support and critical acclaim, and the band toured the world extensively in support of it, including a second stage spot at Ozzfest 2005. On February 2 of 2005, Marco Aro played his last show in Stockholm, Sweden but as a guest singer. In 2006, the band performed on the Extreme The Dojo vol.15 tour in Japan with Exodus and Nile, while Edge of Spirit opened for them.

The Haunted’s fifth studio album, The Dead Eye, was released on 30 October 2006 in Europe and so far has been a huge success, showing a more sinister side to Dolving’s vocals and a more technical, haunting musical display. It was released in the USA on October 31, 2006. They later toured Europe and toured with Dark Tranquillity, Into Eternity, and Scar Symmetry, for the North America Metal For The Masses tour. They recently toured Europe for the Cursed Earth tour with bands like Wolf, Municipal Waste, and Lyzanxia and took a break to later return to play in tours and some shows in Russia.

Their sixth studio album, Versus, was released on 17 September 2008 in Sweden, 19–24 September in the rest of Europe, and October 14 in the USA. In 2009 the band released a compilation album Warning Shots. In April 2010, the band released a live CD called Road Kill, and they supported heavy metal legends Slayer on their August 2010 tour. The band was also confirmed as being part of the soundtrack for Namco Bandai Games’ 2010 remake of Splatterhouse.

In April, 2010, Dolving revealed that they had started writing new material, and the recording of a seventh album started in the same fall. On December 30, the band announced that the upcoming album was to be called Unseen and released in March 2011.

The first sneak preview of the album was on 22 January 2011, when the band performed the song “No Ghost” at the P3 Guld Gala, broadcast live on TV and radio throughout Sweden.

On 29 February 2012, Peter Dolving quit the band again. On 1 March 2012, The Haunted announced vocalist auditions via Facebook page:

The Haunted is looking for a new voice… Serious applicants please send your submissions, including two songs from the Haunted back catalogue and a few words to describe yourself. Images & links to performance video clips are much appreciated and will be most valuable in the screening process. Send your application to the e-mail address above. Thanks!

On 16 October 2012, two more members of the band, guitarist Anders Björler and drummer Per Mölle Jensen quit, leaving the band’s future uncertain. Jonas announced on The Band’s Facebook that both he and Patrik were still deeply committed to the band, but now that two other band members have left, they are uncertain of the band’s future thus creating a hiatus.

Patrik Jensen and Jonas Björler had a discussion at Jonas’ own 40th birthday party, as to not letting The Haunted disband. When Jensen asked Björler who should be the new vocalist in the band, Björler could only think of former member, Marco Aro. A few days later, Jensen phoned Aro asking him to rejoin The Haunted. Aro had missed being in the band and was tempted to rejoin, but he was hesitant at first because he was not interested in returning to the hectic touring he had done with the band in the past. The Haunted had done a lot of touring for almost a decade straight after Aro left, reducing the band’s desire to continue with more. More hesitation came because Aro had struggled with drug addiction during his time with the band, causing problems with his family, and he didn’t want it to reoccur. He indicated that he needed to discuss rejoining the band with his family. Aro was also in the band  The Resistance and didn’t want to have conflicting schedules with both bands, so he had to have a discussion with The Resistance as well. Aro told Jensen he’d give him a response two weeks later. By then, the band had shown him the a breakdown of future tours, which encouraged Aro to rejoin The Haunted. Before publicly revealing information of the band’s new lineup, Aro only stated there was good news coming from the band. His picture was in a silhouette on the band’s official Facebook the day before the band announced a new line-up.

Adrian Erlandsson, a former member, returned to the band also, and Ola Englund from Six Feet Under was brought in as the band’s new lead guitarist. The band then began writing for an EP titled Eye of the Storm, which was released on January 20, 2014 in Europe and 21 January 2014 in North America. The band had also been rehearsing before the announcement of the new lineup to perform for the first time live with this lineup at the 70000 Tons of Metal which set sail 27–31 January 2014.

On July 1, 2014, it was announced that their new album would be titled Exit Wounds, with the release date of 25 August 2014 in Europe and 2 September 2014 in North America. The track listing and the album cover were revealed on the same day as well.

On 10 May 2017, Century Media Records announced the band’s ninth studio album is entitled Strength in Numbers and was released worldwide on 25 August 2017.

There you have it my HeadBangers, lots of history in this band.  Like every band they have been through a lot, but they sound great, and I really mean that.

Let’s meet the band:

Continue reading “WEEK 127 – THE HAUNTED”


I wanted to take a minute to thank all my HeadBangers in Australia, for having the most views of the blog over the last 2 weeks.  I really appreciate you all taking time to visit and check out some new bands, as well as bands that have been around for awhile.  Stay with me and we will continue this journey together…..

Update My HeadBangers: Scythian Fate

I have a few words for all my HeadBangers from the guys of SCYTHIAN FATE:





Keep banging guys, we need it right now. 

OZZY said it best: Life has a way of kicking you in the fucking nuts…..

Today I was sitting here alone contemplating all the shit that is going on in this world.  Because of COVID, people are depressed, anxious, scared, sick, angry, going crazy trying to get the COVID shot, or dead.  My point is no matter how bad you have it someone else can have it worse.  Below with his permission I am posting my friends Newsletter.  Volk, of the band Vovkulaka, with JuleZ ad Naya G, who I met through this blog years ago, is from the Ukraine.  Please read this it is important for all of us…..

.So, once again, Odessa and all of Ukraine is on lockdown. They tell us, the virus variant from Europe is now here. Unfortunately, our JuleZ has experienced this first hand: Her Mom and Dad both have the virus. She told, her Dad got it first and then gave it to her Mom. They are both in their home and resting. They are going through the illness and recovery. Last month, Naya G became ill. At first, she thought she had the virus. But, after a few days, she realized it was a cold.

 JuleZ told us many of her friends are ill. And, this is very unsettling, she told people who got the virus last year are getting it again. Maybe, it is the variant? Who knows…Here is some good news: In Vovkulaka Newsletter #25, I asked you to tell us how you were doing in your city, town, or village. Most of you responded that things were returning to pre-virus days (although, some of you were still in lockdown). 

Now, for more intense news: The fighting in East Ukraine has been escalating. Many in Ukraine are concerned the fighting will go North – to Kyiv – and possibly further West to our City, Odessa. We all hope this will not happen. We will keep you posted in future Newsletters. 

Before this new lockdown, we were all excited to start getting ready for playing live. As we told before, more clubs were opening. So, once again we are in a waiting pattern. Many of us were crossing our fingers 2021 would not be a repeat of 2020. Before I go, we have been getting Merch sales. Thank You to everyone who’s purchased our Merch! We ask: After you get our Merch, take a pic and send it to us here volk@vovkulaka.com If you give us permission, we’ll send it out to our Socials. 

btw,are you following us? Here are our links…See you next month!







So how does that make you feel?  If you don’t feel something you might as well be dead.  People are suffering everywhere, not just where you may be.   We HeadBangers, MetalHeads, we are family, please reach out to each other during this time.  As I have said before, I am here for all of you, email me at metalheadbanger1979@gmail.com if you need to talk or have something you would like me to put on the blog.

Just this past week, France entered into a third national lockdown for four weeks.  As the variants spread world wide, states in the USA lift wearing masks despite the fact that the variant is here.  I don’t get this at all, but even though I have had the 1st shot and the second in a couples weeks, I will still wear a mask, I have enough of them now.

I miss my metal gigs, I want this to stop, maybe it never will, but I will still be here with my metal music till the last song plays…..



My HeadBangers this week something different from Los Angeles, California, welcome the Hard Rock Band with a little 90’s  Grunge mixed in:


“Smells Like Mistakes”


Well my HeadBangers, this week is something a little different.  Let me explain what I mean.  As I have said I have been reading a lot of books lately to educate myself lmao, you know I always say I am still a student, there is always more to learn my HeadBangers and me I like to know where and how did this whole world that I live, breathe and devour on a daily basis begin.  We all know that metal has progressed in so many ways, but I went back and I got stuck in Seattle in the Grunge movement during the 1980-1990’s.  I had never listened to the bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, hell don’t get me started on Chris Cornell, and  Mark Lanegan and the Screaming Trees.  I know you are all thinking wth is she talking about and how does this relate to a metal blog.  Stay with me HeadBangers, my mind runs 24/7 on my metal.  Now I’m just taking a step back in history to see where did this all begin.  Sadly some if not most of the above are not in this world anymore, a few are and talk about history.  But to the point, I wanted to bring this band, ALL TAKEN to the front line because,  they just make me think of all the bands above that started in a garage and ended up on the biggest stage of all and took their music to another level.  All our bands started out as a thought, then friends got together, brought in more people and started a band, where did they all end up, well that’s another story for another day, but I can promise you that I am going to tell their story.  So now I am going to tell you the story of a band called ALL TAKEN.

After the end of another musical endeavor,  Daniel and Avo started ALL TAKEN  in 2015, as a way to streamline the music making process, having always been in larger bands it was nice to only have to worry about 2 schedules.

After the band was formed and some songs were written the band needed a name.  They went through several lists, band generators and other argues processes and every time they found something that sounded good they were ALL TAKEN.  So the name stuck with them.   See what I mean, I have heard stories like this from bands all over this planet, it all just falls into place, I love it.  

The band is a full time project but because they are independent, they like so many musicians have jobs and spend a lot on the band.  The band is looking forward to playing from East to West coast across this country as well as Canada and would love to visit their fans in Japan.  Right now all bands are finding it hard to do anything because of COVID.  It seems like everytime we think we might get back to seeing gigs, it starts all over again.   

The song “DOUBT” above will be released as a video on April 20th, so look for it on UTube.  They also have been working on more songs and will continue to release them during the year.

Let’s meet these guys:

David Eye – Bassist

Daniel Daghlarian – Lead Singer & Guitarist

Avo Karapetyan – Drummer

There music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music streaming services.  Check them out on their social media at:

Instagram:  @alltaken_band

Twitter: @alltaken_band

FB:  facebook.com/alltaken

Here is a message from the band about their music:

Like any kind of art to an artist we use our music as an outlet for what we are going through at the time and our problems, if anyone out there listening to our music finds something useful in what we have to say that’s more than we can ever ask for.

So my HeadBangers, take some time and listen to their music.  After all in the end we are all family and that will never change.  I hope you find this interesting and to those who haven’t heard or read anything about the Grunge movement in Seattle, man look it up you will be amazed.  Now it will never take the place in my heart for my Nordic Metal, nothing ever could, that’s a done deal.  But history and how it all started is so amazing, but I’ll be back with more on that soon.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then you know don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

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