I had to put this out there because I LOVE THIS BAND…..


I love their sound and the hard, fast slamming of their music.  Check them out, I mean listen to them OMG!!!!


My HeadBangers we are getting closer to Christmas with every week that goes by.  I have picked 3 bands this week 2 I’ve seen live in Finland and 1 that I wish I had lol.  So get ready, I hope these help get you through what’s left of this week.


“Fekete Mezók”

This is a live performance in 2021, this is the band I have not seen but wish I had.

Thy Catafalque” is an avant-garde metal band formed in Makó, Hungary, later based in Edinburgh, Scotland, after the relocation of its founder.


“On The Dark Waters”

What can I say about Amorphis that I have not said before.  I saw them live at Tuska 2019.  They are one of the best bands on this planet, to me at least and millions of other HeadBangers.  Tomi Joutsen, who has been their lead vocalist since 2005, is one of the best growl and clean vocalist I’ve heard.  He can slide back and forth between the two without missing a beat.  He also is one of the best frontmen in Metal.  So there is my opinion on that subject. LOL.



This is my number 2.  I also saw them live at Tuska 2019.  They get a hell of a mosh pit going on too, which I avoided as much as possible.  I love these guys and their hair moshing kills me.  But listen to the energy in their music, even now I can see them as if it were yesterday.  Some bands just stay with you for life don’t they.

Well there you go my picks for this week.  Only 2 more days, you can make it.  Think of a gig you went to and of your favorite bands, you will slide through the rest of the week, I promise.  See you Friday for the Band of the Week.  Have a good one…..



My HeadBangers please welcome from Reims, France the Melodic Death Metal Band:


“Of Passion and Pain”

“Sons of Deadwood”

Let’s look at some bio given to me by founder Alexandre Hoerner:

Founded in 2010 by Alexandre Hoerner who is the guitarist.  Alexandre said his influences were bands such as Children of Bodem, Norther and Wintersun.

In 2020, the project finally materialized with the introduction of Simon Cousin’s brutal and rhythmic vocals, and the shared ambition of making music that was powerful, efficient and strewn with classical, bluesy and pagan touches.

A fun fact:  Alexandre and Simon met on a bus in Finland after the last Children of Bodom concert.  Simon was originally meant to participate in the first EP only, but he joined the project as the official vocalist.

Finland it is said, is the capitol of the metal world.  I would have to agree on that.  There is always a gig going on and Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to and I have been to a lot.  

Why does Finland have the most metal bands?

One of the main reasons is that they sing in English, which helps them reach a much wider audience than the bands singing only in Finnish. Finland now has some 70 metal bands per 100,000 people, outnumbering all other European nations.  This was as of  September 22, 2019, that’s when I was there.  I can only see it growing more since then.

Let’s meet these 2 Frenchmen who have this melodic death metal going strong:


The guy with the guitar is of course Alexandre Hoerner.  He plays guitar, bass, drum and keyboard programming, and lyrics.

And picture number 3 with the Riff T-shirt is Simon Cousin the vocalist.  I have to say that he really has the growl vocals down.  Also, I’ve been to the Riff and if you ever get to Helsinki you have to go there.  It is owned by 69 Eyes drummer Jussi 69 as he is know.

The first EP entitled “Of Passion and Pain” has been available since April 17, 2022, as a Digipak containing a 4-page booklet.  It features 5 tracks, I’ve heard them all and it is really great.  You can hear them at:


“Dead Or Dying”

My thoughts:

For a 2 man band I have to say you would never know it.  They have the sound of a full 4-5 man band.  It’s amazing what they can do today with the technology that’s out here.  Then again there is nothing like watching a band live, hopefully they will come out with some music videos that they appear in, I think that would be awesome.  Hopefully we will hear more from them soon.

Well that’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



HELLO MY HEADBANGERS, another week almost gone and only 6 weeks till Christmas, damn time flies doesn’t it.  Well here are 3 bands I’ve picked for this week, I hope they get your blood running and help you make it these next couple of days.


“Ancestral Whispers”

I love Sakis and whenever I hear him you know I’m going to post it.  That’s just how this woman works.  Besides this just came out about 2 weeks ago.  Listen to that rhythm and those vocals, be still my heart.


“Upon Frozen Shores”

Formed in 2019, these guys are from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  They have blown me away with their music, I still can’t believe they are right across the state line from me.  This just out 3 weeks ago.


“Lovely Bones”

This one really threw me, they are from Finland, I wouldn’t have guessed it.  I was thinking Norway, boy I was wrong but, Finland is close to Norway.   I love how she does her face, it’s perfect.  These guys have to be on the Blog soon.

Well my HeadBangers there you go, I hope your week goes quickly.  Meet me back here Friday for the weekly band.  



OK my HeadBangers, I seem to be stuck in Sweden right now so please welcome from Gothenburg the Power Metal Band:


“The Power of the Nightstar”

“Flight From Destruction”

Let’s take a look at some bio on these DragonLords:

Dragonland is a Power Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.  Not only a band these guys produce The Dragonland Chronicles fantasy saga that covers albums one, two and five, also for the original symphonic/electronic part by Elias Holmlid, who does the keyboard, synthesizer and piano for the band.

The band was founded in 1999 by guitarist Nicklas Magnusson and Jonas Heidgert. Soon after Daniel Kvist, Magnus Olin and Christer Pederson joined in. Their first demo was recorded in January 2000. Only three months before the recording of their debut album started, The Battle of the Ivory Plains, Kvist decided to leave the band and was soon replaced by Olof Mörck.  The album was released on in April of 2001, and the second album, Holy War, was released on in February of 2002. Both featured singer Jonas Heidgert on drums.

The third album, “Starfall” came out in October of 2004, featuring Jesse Lindskog on drums.  Tom Englund (I love this man) and Henrik Danhage of Evergrey also with Johanna Andersson did guest performances on the album. 

Their fourth album, “Astronomy” was released in November 2006 and also had several guest appearances. Work on the fifth Dragonland album was announced via Blabbermouth in April of 2008.   In September 2009, Dragonland launched their re-designed Myspace site, together with a high-quality preproduction of “The Shadow of The Mithril Mountains”, a song from the fifth album. It took some time before the album was completely ready. Five years after Astronomy the band finally released the fifth album, “Under the Grey Banner” in November 2011.  Starfall and Astronomy are two separate albums, Under the Grey Banner continues the story of their first two albums.


In October 2014 it was announced that they would release a reissue of the first album, “The Battle of the Ivory Plains”, and a remastered version of the second album, Holy War.  Both albums have brand new cover artwork, and they were released in December 2014. In the first album, there is also a newly recorded song, “A New Dawn”, as its bonus track.

They have worked on their upcoming sixth album “The Power of the Nightstar”, their first album in over a decade and, similar to Starfall and Astronomy, separate from the Dragonland Chronicles saga, though following a different sci-fi storyline. The band has released the title track for the album as its first single and the band’s first ever music video in June of 2022.  The album’s second single “Flight from Destruction” was released in July 2022, and the album was released in October 2022.

Let’s meet the band:

Jonas Heidgert – Vocals (1999-present), Drums (1999-2002)

Olof Mörck – Lead Guitar (2000-present), Keyboard, Synthesizer, Piano (1999-2000)

Jesse Lindskog – Lead Guitar (2009-present), Drums (2002-2009)

Elias Holmlid – Keyboard, Synthesizer, Piano (2000-present)

Johan Nunez – Drums (2014-present)

Anders Hammer – Bass (2007-present)

My Thoughts:

First let me say I really really love their music.  Some of it makes me think of being in a forrest talking to some other worldly dwellers.  There is something about music from Sweden, I know I have been on a role with Sweden, but that’s just how it happens.  My process is I hear something I don’t let go of it, you know how us HeadBangers are.  Also, this band really tours, Japan, Australia, the UK, the US.  This tells me there is a demand for their music.  Listen to the album “Under the Grey Banner”.  You will see what I mean.  These guys can really play, as you can see they really know their music and can play about any instrument they need to.  Oh and let’s not forget the hair.  Seriously check them out they are on FB and Instagram.  You will love them, have I ever lied to you…..

That’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



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