I Love BRHG, saw them in Helsinki, they put on the best show, if you ever get a chance to see them you will not regret it…

“The Sun Still In Me”


After the January 27 release of Methane’s “Kill It With Fire” album things have rapidly begun happen with the Swedish thrash metal band. ” We are now looking forward to do some larger international tours to promote the album. Distilled roster is a filthy mix of thrash metal icon, we are pumped up to start working with Patrick and the agency!” Keep an eye out for upcomming tour dates for Methane in 2023.

See Methane Live

March 24 @ Pow Wow Rockfest in Stockholm Sweden

April 5 @ PLatsen in Linköping Sweden with Nervosa and Frantic Amber

May 27 @ Jarfalla Metal Fest, Jarfalla Sweden


My HeadBangers today I have a band from Minsk, Belarus.  Their name is CIEMRA.  I hope you are ready for some heavy dark black metal from a band that seems to have been called by the darkness.  Join me on that journey, also I have an interview with MISERY who plays the guitar.  Let’s get to it…

“Agony Blasphemy”


Here’s some bio on the band:

Ciemra is Belarusian for “Darkness”, is a Black Metal band from Minsk which came to life in 2019, when five essences emerged from the Abyss to the veils of night on the eve of the the end time, in order to reap the living, to satisfy the hunger of Darkness and to nourish the wombs of the Dark Gods.

The Tread Of Darkness is based on the denial of the usual foundations of the world, on the darkest manifestations of human activity and on the energies hidden beyond the Dark Abyss.  The nine songs of the album manke no mystery of their anti-religiousness, which Ciemra turn into pure black matter.

Nature, in its primordial beauty and originality, also finds a place in The Thread Of Darkness, as there is where Ciemra find themselves at peace.

The Belarusian quintet delivers a fast-paced, cold and pure black metal which is looking at both the classic European sound and its more contemporary interpretations.  You will find loads of riffs, as well as the odd solo and melodic hook which will relentlessly drag you toward the Darkness.

Now for a little interview with Misery.  As always mine in blue, his in black:

I know there are 5 of you in Ciemra, but I can’t seem to find any pics.  Are you not showing them?

Thank you, Sandy.  Misery of Ciemra speaking.  There are five of us.  We are not hiding anything.  The main point of “no-face” appearance is that we want our listeners to share our art and only.  Not our individuals.  The Flow of Darkness doesn’t want us to show our are through any personality.  We want to transfer the anti-humanic energy.  No human shit.

What made all of  you want to start this band?

There wasn’t a single wish in the style of “Let’s create a band!?”  There was a Flow that the right entities joined, in a relatively short period of time.  On inquiry to the Darkness, there are those who truly give themselves to the Path.  And we lead it.  Each and every one of us.  Without one ounce of doubt.

I always ask about the name of the band.  I understand that it means Darkness.  Why did you choose this name?

The name we take and carry is what came to life by itself.  There are no other words or meanings to describe our state in this or other World.

What is next for Ciemra?

The Mighty Darkness leads us.  The Flow of it is what we’ll be tomorrow.  Don’t want to talk about the future, it may never come.

Do you plan of doing any gigs to promote your album?

Already have some dates.  4th of May in Warsaw, Poland for example.  Also lots of plans for Italy this year.  Lots of shity things about the World that we can not influence yet.  Do not forget our Motherland.  We are from Belarus, but we will do our best to show live at every possible venue in the World.

Is there anything you would like people to know about the band or members?


This is the best pic I can find.  But I did manage to find the names the Darkness has given them:

Kurz – Bass

Sønn – Drums

Zima – Guitars

Misery – Guitars

Malvain – Vocals

My Thoughts:

The first thing I want to say is thank you to Misery for working with me.  I appreciate him taking the time to talk to me.  I understand what he is talking about, the future of his band being from Belarus.  There are a lot of bands in that area, and the future for all of them is uncertain.  This is a very unstable planet at present.  I can only say hang on, hopefully it will get better.  I also love the story of how the band came into existence.  Whether it’s the Light or the Darkness calling you, you must answer and go in the direction it leads you.  I love their music and the fact that they want to keep their individual personalities separate so listeners can concentrate on their message and not them as individuals.  This band has impressed me so much.  I wish them the best and hope to come back with updates in the future. 

That’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  I am going to have my interviews coming in the future and I will post it when I do.  We are going to venture out into some other parts of this planet, so come with me and see what I find.  In the meantime, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn….. 




Thanks to my MetalHead Sis, Megan Marie Porter, for another mind swirling picture.  This woman has such a great eye, amazing.

Now let’s get to our 3 bands for Hump Day…



You guys know I can’t resist some Folk Metal, especially from Germany.


“Back to Attack”

More snow HeadBangers, here we go with the heavy metal band Majesty.  Yes they are from Germany!!!


“Wheels Of Fire”

Damn HeadBangers these guys are a legendary Japanese heavy metal band founded in Tokyo during 1981.  This is the first time I’ve heard them and I have to say I’m impressed AF.  They are good….

Well HeadBangers that’s it for Hump Day, see you Friday for the weekly band.  Be safe and keep moshing.


My HeadBangers, this one is live from Helsinki…


I cannot say enough about this band.  I just wish I had been there to see them.  This is how it is done in Helsinki.  Hair Moshing, sweat and long hair.  I’m in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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