My HeadBangers here I am back with the Interview.  It came in about 2 hours after I had posted the first part.  Sorry guys but, it’s worth the wait, and the time difference always effects us.   When I got up this morning I didn’t even want to move but, the metal cat Snake made me lol.  So I got my Lemon Water, tied my hair back in a pony tail and here I am.  I want to thank Anton Hedberg at Rexius Records for contacting me about the band and putting me in touch with BaYat’s manager David Anthony Kitching who worked with me getting the questions answered and back to me, a big thanks to David, it was a pleasure working with him, I look forward to working with him in the future.  OK  let’s get to the Q&A provided by their Vocalist, Milos, aka M8.  As always mine in blue and Milos is in black.  

My first question is why the change with the band line-up?  Did any of you know each other before the change?  I am so bad at putting more than one question together, sorry about that, I’m working on it.

That is something that happened naturally and logically even though that is not that often.  The previous lineup moved from almost 10 years of doing covers to the original band and with 2020. And everything that has been happening we ended up in different places, emotionally, in genre, in creativity so we decided to part ways. 

The current lineup is completely new for everyone and Ghost (drums) and Z (Guitar) knew each other and I knew Johnny from before. Blitz was auditioned and he was a great addition to the band, I am really satisfied with how we work and sound together already.  It feels like we have known each other for years now even though we got together recently.

BaYat was on the blog at Week 100, awhile I know, now for Week 234. At Week 100 I spoke to my readers a lot about the message I was getting through your music. Now that the line-up has changed is this going to change the music too?

Well, I feel like that we changed the sound a bit on this EP. The first album was different, nothing major but at least I can feel the difference. From the start, we had an idea of creating the trilogy, having the warnings on the first album and this EP that says that we ignored those warnings and that we need to start over.  Initially 3rd one will be some sort of closure to this story and I always had in mind that it should be even rawer just more RnR. And with this line up I believe that we are on the right way. The new guys brought slightly different sounds but the point and foundations are the same.

I bought your new EP and I’m listening to the songs at this writing. What was your inspiration for these songs? I really am interested in learning about “So It Begins”. I love Wasted Land, but “So It Begins”, feels like you are pulling it right out of your heart/soul. What a great song to end the EP with.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.. Inspiration really comes from everyday experiences that surround us and the feelings that are created by those situations. “So It Begins” had its first version in 2016. but that idea never saw the light of the day. When we started this bend I found that one again and it fit perfectly in the ambiance and storyline. We did remodel it a bit and I have made some changes to my earlier lyric and there she was.

But it’s original message is environmentally oriented but It has many layers and represents those emotions that most of us feel at least once. All in all, we are really satisfied with how the music lyrics and video came out, that was our message and that is why the first album is named after that one.

As for the rest of the songs they were created in that period from 2020. Where we had a lot of time to think about the stuff and a lot of things have changed. I have to admit I was in the right place for those types of lyrics at that moment so again that fit perfectly in this second EP called “Purge”.

The whole EP is great, and I mean that.  How long did it take you to come up with these 6 songs?

Thanks again. It wasn’t that long. I believe 4 studio songs were finished in 2021 and “Wasted Land” and “So It Begins” were arranged and recorded live a couple of months ago. We were busy looking for the right people for the band.

Who comes up with these songs? I mean the words are hitting you right in the face. Is it one person or does everyone contribute?  Whoever comes up with the words you get a head bow from me, they are just fire.

We were usually doing it that way the guitar player from the first lineup had some riffs recorded sometimes somewhere and meantime I was writing on some topic that affected me or my surroundings.

Then we just feel when lyrics hit the riff and vice versa and start building. Sometimes from chorus sometimes from just riff sometimes from verse. You just lose yourself in the process until you are satisfied.

Most if not all of the songs were created that way. A new lineup has a similar workflow for now but we are still preparing to promote this EP and for the live gigs so we’ll see once we start working on the new material.

What is next in store for BaYat?

Right now we are 100% focused on live gigs and potential tours for promotion of our latest EP. Pubs, moto gatherings festivals, we want them all. And of course, slowly we are thinking about the 3rd album.

Winter is coming so what will BaYat be doing during this time?

Gigs relaxing with families during the holidays and preparing for next year’s challenges.

Do you have any plans for touring?

As I mentioned yes we do have plans but for the end of this year we are focused on playing live again, it’s been too long. We will go into more detail and full organization in 2024.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you all for the support so far hopefully we won’t have any of these long breaks and we’ll see ya soon live. Till then stay smart and listen to good music.

My Thoughts

My HeadBangers I am serious when I say listen to this EP.  Itunes has it that’s where I bought mine.  It was the best money I’ve spent in awhile.  I already have it on my phone and a CD in my beast.  Do yourself a favor and check it out,  it’s on YouTube, so get to it. 

See you all this Wednesday for Hump Day, and remember, don’t stand to close to the fire if  you can’t handle the burn…..

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