Introducing Nathalie Astrada the new voice of Carmilla Band

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I’m happy to introduce Nathalie Astrada the new voice of Carmilla.   I was fortunate to be able to bring you this exclusive interview I had with Nathalie.  Read on HeadBangers  you will be pleasantly surprised.

Sandy:  It’s great to finally meet the new voice of Carmilla.  Congradulations!!  I have a few questions that will help my HeadBangers and followers of Carmilla get to know you.  First off  how does it feel to be the new voice of Carmilla?  And what do you feel you are bringing to the band??

Nathalie:   I have a mixture of emotions, I feel proud, happy, grateful, and with a little fear I have to confess.  

It is the best project where I have belonged and it is a dream for me, I mean a great European band with a Latin frontwoman, that was not possible for me…until today.

I have felt very good chemistry by all of them.  They are talented, neat, responsible and inspire alot of confidence so it is very easy to work with them.  It’s like a new family for me, I’m very excited and promise to give my best.


Sandy:   How long have you been singing metal music and what kinds have you sang??

Nathalie:   I have been singing metal for about 4 years when I understood how to handle the technique of growl.  At that time I decided to sing death metal, thrash metal and groove metal among others.  However, I have been singing lyric and melodic for more than 10 years which allowed me to make other styles like symphonic metal, heavy metal, gothic metal among others.


Sandy:   What was it that drew you to metal music and how has that shaped your life??

Nathalie:   Since adolescence I listen and I feel identified by the metal music.  I was always attraced to the strength of melodies, distortions and lyrics.  It accompanied me in difficult situations of my life and helped me get ahead, I think it’s a very powerful style of music.


Sandy:   Are there any particular bands that influenced you toward the metal genre??

Nathalie:   Of course, there are so many..  Today I can say that the bands that drove me to do this style with Carmilla was in principle The Agonist, when I first heard ALiss White Gluss blow my head and set my goal to study to achieve something similar.  Jinjer is another important band.  Tatiana Shymayluk is another great reference for me and I admire her alot.  Arch Enemy was the first band in which I heard that a woman uld make growls (I must haae been 14 years old)  I was impressed and loved her.

But also influenced by Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Kittie, In This Moment, Otep, Pantera, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Rammstein, Korn, Lamb of God, and so much more.


Sandy:   Is there anything you do to keep your voice in shape??

Nathalie:   Yes, of course, I sing every day and every time I need to practice it’s several hours.   If I’m rehearsing or doing a show I’m always vocalizing.  I drink alot or water and drink honey.  I also jog often to exercies my lungs and chest box.


Sandy:   What do you do in your off time, any hobbies, etc.??   

Nathalie:   I love to pay violin, I like to study classical pieces.  I also play piano, guitar and drums in a more amateur way.  I dedicate a lot of time to music, I enjoy it a lot.   I like to go jogging from time to time and do contemporary dance.  I am a seamstress so I like to make my changing room in my spare time too and I spend a lot of time with my pets.


Sandy:   Do you have anything you would like to add to help the fans get to know you better??

Nathalie:   I just want to say that I feel very grateful for the warm welcome they hae given me on social networks, it is incredible for me and I assure you not to disappoint them in all the long road we have to go with Carmilla.

I will let the music speak for itself and I hope to see you on our future tours.



Here’s 2 songs for you letting you know what is coming:

These were sent to me so just click on the link to see them, just do it……

I love this song and the video, listen and let it sink in, really great.

Let’s meet the band:

Now Camilla is complete with the edition of Nathalie and new drummer Felix Forsberg (See top picture).  I cannot wait to hear and hopefully see them on tour.

Håkan Ålander – Guitar

Daniel Karlsson – Guitar

Felix Björklund – Bass

Nathalie Astrada – Vocals

Felix Forsberg – Drums


Here’s an update Bio they sent me last night:

Carmilla was founded by Håkan Ålander, Daniel Karsson and Daniel Trabold in 2016.  The same year they start to record their first song, I Am The Danger.

2017 Oksana Blohm Hedlund join the band and the first single was uploaded at Spotify. The following year Felix Björklund join the band after release the Devils Feast album on digital platforms. The band also released 2 videos 1 with Felix and one with a temporary bass player Mathias Nöjd.

 2018 Daniel decided to leave the band to spend more time with family since his job was intensive at that time. Oksanas man Dennis Blohm Hedlund was the new drummer and with this setting they released the Deflector album.

October 2019 the band decide to go separate ways with Oksana and Dennis since they can’t agree about the next step for bands development.  Felix Forsberg agrees to be the new drummer over the recording of the new album. Felix is a talented drummer that we believe will have a huge impact on the Carmilla sound. At the same time Nathalie Astrada joins the band as the new vocalist. Nathalie is an extremely talent singer thats work hard every day and we are so proud to continue the journey through the next album with her.  A single with Nathalie and Felix will be released Novmber 29, 2019 and the next album is planned to Q1 2020.

BN8E5_Hh (1)_jpg_small

My thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers where do I begin with this band.  Over the last month or so they have had their share of ups and downs, but with Felix their new drummer and Nathalie their new vocalist, I see only ups coming their way.   In my metal opinion the changes made with the two new members make this band better than before.  Sometimes a change is for the better and you can deffinetly see and hear it.  I have been working with these guys for weeks now and they have busted their asses to get everything together for me so I could bring it to you.   I love the enthusiasium all the members have, and their great sound and look.  Come on like Nathalie said how often do you see a Latina frontwoman with a Swedish band?  And this works it really does.  If you haven’t heard them before you must check them out, they have the fire my HeadBangers.  Carmilla is a testament to all bands and people that face challenges.  They stuck to it and have made it through the fire.


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